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Fantastic Footy Artists….

6 May

Cristiano Ronaldo By Richard Swarbrick (@RikkiLeaks)

I stumbled over a gallery of fantastic footy art over on the Telegraph last week. Banding together under the name of Fantasista, the artists will be having an opening (location TBA) this spring in Central London. You canvisit their website or follow them on Twitter for more details. When available, the artist’s Twitter handle has been included so that you can check out some of their other work. Continue reading

Final Training Before Malaga/Week In Review/Call Ups/Match Preview/Bits And Bobs

17 Mar

"Look! They let me near the ball!"

Poor Nuri! It’s about time we saw him in vague proximity to the ball. He got a call up for tomorrow and Mou had some nice things to say about him in today’s presser. More on that in a minute. But first, we have to look at the boys acting like hyperactive puppies at training. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Jailbait! Gets Down & Dirty, Sami Has No Worries, Someone Needs to STFU And Transfer Rumor Fiesta

23 May

Oh so much news today and it keeps coming… Jailbait! is having his first contest over  on Facebook. The prize is a jersey. Now, as you all well know, my Spanish skills are roughly on a par with Iker’s English so I have no idea what the contest is really about except that it seems that you need to tell him what would be your way of removing a shirt not using your hands. ::boggle:: Does this boy even realize the level of perversion out there?!  People vote on the best answers and from the top 10, Jailbait! himself will choose the winner. Now, even if this is NOT what the contest is about, I like my version of it and I’m going to make it my happy place for awhile.  I sure you will agree that the idea of thinking of creative ways to remove the ‘baller of your choice’s jersey is quite pleasant fodder for a May afternoon.
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