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Some Quick Bits & Bobs: Bebe Iker, BeIn Sport featuring Real Madrid TV, David Luiz Shares News & Hot Booty Rubdown Action And Brokeback Clasico

3 Dec

I know I ate a little more than necessarySome super quick bits and bobs that I stumbled over today: Iker posted this shot of himself on Instagram captioning it “I know I ate a little more than necessary” Awwwww, Iker! Don’t beat up on your bebe self and his cute pinchable cheeks! You were adorable and still are. Such a serious kidlet though. It reminds me of that hilarious picture of wee disappointed Xavi. No wonder these two get along so well. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Shaky But Surviving, Goodbye Sin City, Play Ball, A Vulture And Some Duckies

22 Jul

Well, I’m hanging in there. Still pretty shaky but I’m going to attempt to go see Chelsea/PSG. I’m meeting up with forzasusan and PLL. If I make it that far, I’ll see if I can make it to Yankees Stadium. It’s all very touch and go. I feel like a new born foal. Very wobbly on the legs.  Thanks for all the get well wishes!

Mesut has finally left Sin City and it’s scantily clad ladies behind (one hopes they’re not stumbling along in stilettos and garters somewhere behind him) for the more natural and wholesome wonders of the Grand Canyon. I approve of this destination! Continue reading

Chelsea, Acting Like Dorks

8 Feb

Here’s a little video of Chelsea dicking around during training. Nando, of course, looks delish. I’ve noticed that people sure do enjoy manhandling him, especially John Terry.  But Nando is not as delicate as one would imagine and he gives as good as he gets. Bonus points for adorable Juan Mata exiting a car at the end of the vid.

– Lozil

Guess Someone Else Needs Sensitivity Training While We’re At It…

22 Dec

Former Liverpool player and Match of the Day pundit Alan Hansen, while discussing the Suarez-Terry racism controversy, said “I think there’s a lot of coloured players in all the major teams and there are lots of coloured players who are probably the best in the Premier League. If you look at 25 or 30 years ago it was probably in a bad way – not as bad as some of the other nations on the continent – but certainly there is always, always room for improvement.”  ::headdesk:: FOR FUCK’S SAKE! I’m just about ready to throw up my hands in despair. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Epic Bromance Month – John Terry/Frank Lampard

21 Oct

How about a little Chelsea love all up in the house? These two are legendary with their bromancing. JT may not be able to be faithful to his missus (poo head!) but when it comes to the bros, Frank is his one and only.
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Footballer Fashion Follies

29 Apr

OMG! So melj1213 from LiveJournal came up with a brilliant idea over on ONTD_Football. She posted this shot of Guti in his neon track suit (oh please, please, please let him sign to the NY Red Bulls!) and invited others to post their favorite football fashion fails. As you can imagine, our boys featured prominently along with many others. Go read the post, it’s hysterical. Here are some of my faves along with the LJ names of the people who posted them. If you have pix to add, please feel free to stick them in the comments here or over at LJ. This is too much fun (and we sorely need some right now).

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