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The Daily Drool: Stuart Holden

15 Jul

I know we have a lot of Stu fans here. For those new to this total cutie, he’s a Scottish-born American midfielder who plays for Bolton Wanderers of the EPL and the US National Team. Poor bebe has had some seriously shit luck. The ever charming Nigel De Jong broke his leg during a (not so) friendly match in March 2010 causing him to miss 6 weeks. Then in March 2011, Manchester United’s Jonny Evans made a nasty tackle which resulted in a knee injury that is due to keep Holden out for 6 months. He’s hoping to return to the pitch in September-October. Poor boo should be wrapped in bubble wrap every March just to be safe. One thing I adore about Stuart is his great sense of humor. Check out this picture of him volunteering at a hospital in Houston:
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