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Tuesday Training & More

4 Sep

The players not called up for international duty had their second session of the week. Continue reading

Training Catch Up & Coaches Forum

31 Aug

A wee bit of catch up on those who stayed behind… Continue reading


31 May

cat-in-bagSomeone certainly didn’t watch their mouth when speaking at a club event. Real Madrid VP Eduardo Fernández de Blas was praising Carlo Ancelotti and appeared to let slip the name of the new coach. Continue reading

Buoyancy for the Win

23 Dec

terry-nelson-disabled-swim-suitApparently there is a secret weapon at work in the backroom for us thanks to amputee and ex-Liverpool player Terry Nelson. Nelson has developed a buoyancy running suit which allows players to train in the water when land training isn’t possible. Apparently Crispy has used the suit (of course he has) to help with his injuries. Of more interest to me though, is how Nelson came to develop his aqua “running man” suit.

Continue reading

UEFA Elite Club Coaches Forum

4 Sep

Sneakers? Really Pep, Luis?

Every September UEFA holds this two-day forum for a select group of managers to come together and discuss a variety of football issues, get shit-faced, and talk smack about the other managers. Or so I speculate. This year’s forum is being held right now in Nyon, Switzerland, and is being chaired by UEFA’s coaching ambassador, Sir Alex Ferguson. Continue reading

Mazel Tov! Helena Costa Becomes Coach of Clermont Foot 63

9 May

article-0-1DA4607600000578-764_306x423Wonderful news! Helena Costa has been chosen to coach Ligue 2 side Clermont Foot 63. She’s an accomplished coach who has, among other things, managed the women’s national teams of Qatar & Iran, Benfica’s boys’ youth teams (for 13 years) and acted as a scout for SPL side Celtic. While she is the first woman to coach a European professional team, Helena also coached a men’s team on the regional level, just like Tihana Nemčić did in the Croatian 5th division. Read more about her journey here:  1  2  3   I’m side eyeing the hell out of the Daily Fail for leading with the “Jose Mourinho in a petticoat” line. Ugh. But this a very welcome change. I can’t wait to see her kick some ass.

– Lozil

This Is Gonna Take Some Getting Used To…

26 Jan

David Moyes: “My week is starting to look up!”

It’s amazing how things change on a dime, isn’t it? I’m just flashing back to the end of the last transfer window when my heart was crushed into a million pieces. I’m a neutral in this case, but it still makes me so incredibly sad. Mata loved, and was loved by, Chelsea. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month (Coachmance): Jose Mourinho & Didier Drogba

14 Dec

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho with Didier Drogba (r) and his man of the match award-856188These two looooooooooove each other. Mourinho always talks about his affection and respect for Drogs, while Didier (like Essien) calls him Daddy. Their friendship has continued throughout the years. Continue reading

Everybody Gets Back To Work… (And A London Reunion)

29 Oct

278-217-_VCM1663Thumb,36All of today’s Blatter balagan didn’t stop the boys from getting down to work. Some obnoxious old fart and his misguided attempts at “humor” aren’t going to break our stride. Pffft. We’re Real Madrid. We eat drama for breakfast. Continue reading

Monday & Tuesday Training, FloPeezy Sets The Record Straight, A Visitor & Jese Gets The (Bronze) Boot

15 Oct

1001-148-_HEL3977Thumb,22Wow! Young Casanova is quite limber, isn’t he? Monday saw a return to training for The Lonely Boys (not to be confused with Los Lonely Boys) who prepared for Saturday’s match against Malaga. Continue reading