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Quick Bits & Bobs: Animo Pipita, Proud “Papa” Sergio & A Dani-view

26 Aug

foto_2_Contenuti_Album_721_350_486_3_1_62_1_72_4I’ve been in meetings all morning, but I’m finally out and can do a quick update. Poor Pipita was on a day trip to Capri, fell on the rocks and had to get 10 stitches in his face. OUCH. (Sounds like my trip to Bonaire). Poor bebe. And of course, the press was all over it. Pix via Punta Pelota. Continue reading

Saturday Training And Call Ups

16 Feb

Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (1)What a happy looking bunch of men! The team trained today along with Jose Rodriguez from the reserves, who earned a call up.  Essien chose Mesut as his cuddle partner today. Continue reading

Champions League Catch Up: Man City & Ajax

7 Dec


The boys went into the Ajax match knowing that their spot in the last 16 was already sealed, so all that was left was to put on a show for the Bernabeu crowd and that they did with four lovely goals. I didn’t get a chance to recap the Man City match, which allowed the team to advance to the next round, so I’m compiling goals & thangs from that match & the Ajax one into one big ol’ post.

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Training Day, Iker Says He’s Team Mou (As Does Xabi) & Angel Swears He Didn’t Slag Off Alcoyano Player

28 Nov

Our bundled up beauties got down to work preparing for this weekend’s Madrid derby which I’m hoping will light a fire under our team’s perfect arses.  Continue reading

Winning in Alcoy

4 Nov

Before I drown in match recaps, here is a quickie of post of goodies from our first CdR match. We saw a brace for B-B-B-BENZ and a goal each, from Kaka & Jose Rodriguez (which Benz assisted).

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Copa del Awesome

1 Nov

Well, well, well, look what our B-team can do. They continued their goal-fest streak in Alcoy, providing the entertainment in their first CdR match. And a clean sheet was maintained for almost the whole match…keeping it for 3/4 of the game counts for something right? Here’s what Mou & the wee ones had to say about the match.

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Training fo’ Zaragoza

1 Nov

Fresh off their CdR win, the team was back to training this morning, with La Liga & the upcoming Zaragoza match on their minds. The boys have got quite a nice, little, streak going. Their past two matches have had wonderful results (that almost got typed ‘resluts.’ Freudian slip? I think so!). With all the injuries we’ve been dealt, I think we deserve to finally see this turn around of awesome play. It’s time to keep up with all the progress made & keep on improving…and keep on looking fab at training…and for some to keep the bromance alive…and for one to keep hiking his shorts up…

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A Chat with Mou & CdR Call Ups

30 Oct

Ready or not, here comes another competition! Tomorrow starts the Copa del Rey, as the boys will travel to Alcoy & look to start the CdR on the right foot. The boys who are traveling, might not be whom you expect and that’s what Mou discussed with the press today, along with other Misterly things.

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