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The FInal Final Pre-Sevilla Session & Happy Papi’s Day

19 Mar

Satellite (7)Okay, the mothership was full of shit yesterday. Today was the final training session. Sigh. Continue reading

Twin Daddies

30 Dec

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Superpapás! 💖💖

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Man, it’s hard to believe that the Callejon twins are both papis, but here they are with their babies. I completely melted when I saw this. Juanmi looks confuzzled by that bottle, but Calleti is an old hand at feeding India. Continue reading

Updated: Mazel Tov: Calleti & Marta Get Hitched

20 Jun

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One of my fave couples tied the knot yesterday: Jose Callejon & his long time love, Marta Ponsati Romero.  Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jose & Juanmi Callejón!

11 Feb

BC2C8K8CcAE81NmThe ever wonderful Callejon twins turn 28 today! Even though they’re separated now, playing in Italy & Bolivia respectively, the brothers are still as close as ever. Feliz cumpleaños!

Updated: Welcome To The World, India Callejon Ponsati!

10 May

10268960_560882960697510_1232338063_nShe’s here! Little Miss India Callejon has arrived! Thanks so much to watishsita mariarosaria for giving me the good news. Picture of the proud papi after the jump. Continue reading

Sami Returns To The Roster, A Cringeworthy Moment & A Trophy For Pipita, Calleti & Chori

3 May

Um, Sese, you should be talking to him about the beard not the hair.

First off, thanks for all the kind words. I’m doing okay today. Pretty achy but spent most of the day resting and sleeping. Staying off my feet helps. I have a cane now (thanks to San Shigs who brought that and a pizza ’round last night) so I’m going to try to hobble the two blocks to my local tomorrow to watch the match. We’ll see how that goes.  Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jose & Juanmi Callejón!

11 Feb

HermanosCallejonThe Callejón twins turn 27 today. It’s busy time for these two and it must be weird when they are so far apart. Jose is about to become a first time papi & is playing with Napoli. Juanmi is at Club Bolivar (league champs!) in La Paz, Bolivia. Feliz cumpleaños, boys!