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Recovery Session & A Giggle (Or A Kichern* In This Case)

15 Apr

Satellite (10)If you heard a loud thud, that was just watishista mygypsyspirit passing out. Has a thing for Lucas Silva, don’t you know. Anyhow, I would have liked to have sorted everything out yesterday with the Champions League, but it’s going to be decided at the Bernabeu. So be it.  Continue reading

An Amusing Q&A With Jürgen Klopp

1 Oct

Klopp, you lovable, eccentric dork. I make fun of your inability to dress appropriately for matches but you do provide such entertainment. Kudos to the people behind the German YouTube channel 1LIVE for this little slice of LOLs for the day.

(click CC for English captions)


UEFA Elite Club Coaches Forum

4 Sep

Sneakers? Really Pep, Luis?

Every September UEFA holds this two-day forum for a select group of managers to come together and discuss a variety of football issues, get shit-faced, and talk smack about the other managers. Or so I speculate. This year’s forum is being held right now in Nyon, Switzerland, and is being chaired by UEFA’s coaching ambassador, Sir Alex Ferguson. Continue reading

Bitsy Bobsy Part III

22 Sep

BUt3f45CEAAkWDbOnward! Time for some more bebes. Here’s Enzo and mami Romina. She shared a few more piccies of him recently. Continue reading

Mou, Sergio & Klopp Pressers, Dortmund Trains, Some Inspiration!

29 Apr

Lots of pressers to talk about today. First up, our fearless leader, who was his ever candid self. You can always count on Mou to be, well, Mou. Continue reading

Travel To Dortmund, Pressers, Training

23 Apr

Argh! This day has been nuts (again). Trying to catch up on everything while sneaking peeks at the Bayern – Barca match. Holy crap, what a whomping! Bayern are beasts! (I mean that as a compliment).

The team traveled (a short two hour flight) to Dortmund today and were greeted by fans on their arrival. Continue reading