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His Dream…My Nightmare

9 Sep

I bet he’d be pleased as punch if there was an entire world filled with Xavis. Me? Not so much. But a world filled with Xabis? Now that I could get behind. Make it so, Universe! Pretty please?

– Lozil

How Much Damage Can A Soccer Ball Do?

9 Sep

Plenty, it seems. I burst out laughing when I saw this video from a Nest home security camera because I was totally imagining #PirloTheWizard in the yard next door making that happen. It’s time to revisit that brilliant ad campaign, methinks (in the post at the link).

– Lozil

2015 WWC: We Suck At Football!

18 Jun

I almost pissed myself laughing when I saw this video yesterday. The Norwegian women’s team have brilliantly “tackled” the sexism and homophobia aimed at them and their chosen sport everyday. The FIFA letter at the end…priceless.

– hopechaser

So You Know That’s Some Damn Fine Coffee

26 May

11329759_10153004753655318_3705010281306829048_nJust home from work and it’s after 10 PM so I’m too fried to put together a proper post. But I thought I’d share a picture I took this morning on my way to the office. This was on the chalkboard at a coffee shop in my neighborhood and it made me smile. I’m getting so excited for the Women’s World Cup! How about y’all?


– Lozil

CR7 In Real Life

1 Apr

I got a kick out this video that posed the question

What if Cristiano Ronaldo was an ordinary guy walking in the streets of Sao Paulo/Brazil, doing things that everybody do everyday, like taking a bus or crossing the avenue? But even if he was one of us, he would do things in a inevitable CR7 style…

They were quite clever with some of the “Cris-isms” they got in there. Enjoy!
– Lozil

It Must Be Spring!

1 Apr

Satellite (17)The internationals are returning and the training legs are out! As watishista Mandy predicted yesterday, a hot pants showdown can’t be far off. Cristiano threw down the gauntlet today and well, damn, son! Continue reading

DB & JC Share Their Pants!

30 Mar

david1Becks was one of the guests on last night’s episode of the Late Late Show with James Corden and they shared this gem. Continue reading

Samba and the Linesman

16 Feb

Now this is a linesman who understands his audience! Thanks to São Paulo striker Alan Kardec who captured this dancing machine while at the Taça das Favelas (literally translated as the Slum’s Cup) in Rio de Janeiro.

– hopechaser

The Great Return, A Message From Man Edith, Iker Mus-ses Around & Well, You’ll See…

19 Nov

Satellite (2)Our internationals have returned en masse and got back to training in preparation for the match against Eibar on Saturday. G-Money trained with the group which included Muppet Babies Alfonso Herrero, Lucas Torró, Burgui, Medrán, Enzo and De Tomás), Crispy ran on his own and the rest of the internationals worked out inside. Continue reading

Cristiano, Pick-Up Artist

30 Sep

We’ve been pissing ourselves laughing over this video of Joe Weller dressed as Cristiano and trying to pick-up women. He sent it to Cris, and oh how I want a response of some kind.