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Week 1 Results: HB & HB 2014-2015 Fantasy Football League

26 Aug

LogoLFPHere we go! It’s the first week results for our annual fantasy football league. If you’re interested in joining us, all the details are here. Continue reading

The Return Of Coach Lasso

8 Aug

Jason Sudeikis brings his clueless Coach Lasso character back to help promote the new EPL season on NBC. Last year’s was pretty darn funny, but this year tops it. I was howling – so many great lines. “Keep Calm And Get Fired Up!” Enjoy!

– Lozil

HB & HB 2014-2015 La Liga Pool Is Open!

7 Aug

LogoLFPI finally got around to setting up the pool for the La Liga season! I hope you’ll join us this year. It’s a lot of fun. Continue reading

The Athletic Beauty Project

23 Jul

Cris is currently in Japan doing some promotional work for MTG’s “Athletic Beauty Project”. He is their new brand ambassador and will feature in their latest ad campaign. As part of his duties, he participated in a press conference yesterday to launch the Project. Now I understand (sort of) the Hannibal Lecter look he posted earlier this week. Continue reading

This Made My Day

23 Jul

Mario Balotelli, reading I Am Zlatan while ironing and dancing shirtless. The caption was “#KnowledgeIsPower reading books is cool #StayInSchoolKids” I am weeping with laughter.

Mario, you are a treasure. How do you only have a million and a half followers on Instagram?!

(H/T to watishista mygypsyspirit who sent this over)

– Lozil

Golden Balls Meets Golden Slime

18 Jul

article-2696813-1FBC814B00000578-146_634x1016Becks, with sons Romeo & Cruz in tow,  attended the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as an honoree and got more than he bargained for. Continue reading

Mike Magee’s Day Off

17 Jul

Check out this great video starting MLS MVP Mike Magee and some very special guests. It’s brilliant! And the hysterical outtakes and deleted scenes after the jump. Continue reading

HB & HB World Cup Pool Results

13 Jul

We have the results of our World Cup Pool! Considering how unpredictable this World Cup was, I am amazed at how well we all did. (I would have done better if I had remembered to make all my picks. Doh!) Winner and final positions after the jump. Continue reading

A Trick, Not A Treat

31 Oct

I feel ya kid, I’d probably react the same way.  😉 Poor woobins is a Madridista and his family thought it would be funny to give him a Barca jersey. It went about as well as you expect.  (And I’m sure there’s a wee cule out there who is similarly disenchanted at receiving a RM jersey).  His little bitchface is adorable. I sure hope they gave him a Madrid jersey after that! Via 101 Great Goals.

Pirata’s Back! (And His New Team Is On Fire!)

20 Aug

BSDaOynCcAAAqXaHe’s posting black and white shots on Twitter, so you know he’s happy. Here he is checking out the sights of Lyon. He made his debut today for Real Sociedad in the Champions League playoff round vs. Lyon AND HE WAS WEARING A HEADBAND because it is right and proper and good. Hmph.  La Real won handily with two jawdropping golazos. Continue reading