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Eighth Day of Training

19 Jul

Maybe that will help with his NBA dreams?

The team had their 8th training session in LA (and said goodbye to Morata ::sniffle::). Continue reading

The Year Of The Monkey

6 Feb

Satellite (17)Gong xi fa cai! The Chinese New Year is approaching and the team gathered together to send their good wishes. This year was extra exciting as the video features Real Madrid’s first ever Chinese player, Lin Liangming of Juvenil A. Continue reading

Badasses (& Babies) In Basel

25 Nov

Satellite (1)The team made the trip to Basel today along with the Muppet Babies of Juvenil A who will be participating in the UEFA Youth League. Everyone was rocking out their team suits. Continue reading

Real Madrid Takes On…Juvenil B?

8 May
This is Spartan!

This is Spartan!

A little practice game was in the offing today.  Jesus, Arbie, Sami, Illara, Casemiro & Marcelo joined by Pablo, Capmartín, Felipe Sáez (all of Juvenil A),  Juanjo and Gabri (of Juvenil B) made up one team.  Juvenil B with DLo stepping in as their goalkeeper made up the second. Continue reading