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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – Old Skool: Kaka & Robinho

27 Dec

article-0-031F2E2B000005DC-445_468x454Shigs is out of town for the holidays so I think it’s safe to post this one. Shhhhh! Kaka & Robinho bromanced fiercely on Brazil and at AC Milan. Continue reading

Last Training Before Córdoba & Enjoying Madrid

23 Jan

Satellite (10)Looks like Cris is a happy camper today. Let’s hope that we see a lot of that in tomorrow’s match against Córdoba. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – Old Skool: Kaka & Andriy Shevchenko

12 Dec

tumblr_ladckhiqZV1qd0g2uo1_400I know this post will make at least 3 watishistas cry: mygypsyspirit and forzasusan because of the Kaka/Sheva/Milan feels and Shigs because of, well, Kaka.

22/7 was a classic bromance. I mean, just peep the way they look and smile at each other. Intense! I dare say Kaka looks happier with Sheva than Cris. I am well aware that may be bordering on blasphemy, but honestly, anyone who was watching these two at the height of their love knows exactly what I’m talking about. Continue reading

Kaká Interview With FIFA

7 Oct

2408513_full-lndFIFA.com posted a nice interview with Kaká last week, covering various topics including the possibility of becoming a manager. Coach Kaká. Mmmm, I think it more likely he’ll go the Cannavaro route and be a “pundit for hire” but happy to be wrong. Continue reading

Torres Presser and The Kids Make an Appearance

4 Sep


Nando completed his first AC Milan presser Tuesday and, well, it was a pretty pedestrian exercise. There were questions about fitting in with the team, working with new coach Inzaghi, wearing the No. 9, etc. There was, however, one moment of genius thanks to AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani in response to a rather silly question: Continue reading

World Cup 2014 Final: Germany 1 – Argentina 0

14 Jul


MyGypsySpirit: What a tournament it has been! I can’t remember a tournament that has been quite as exciting as this. Granted, I have a terrible memory. But the consensus has been pretty outstanding. This was one of the best World Cups in anyone’s memory. Continue reading

Updated: It’s (More Or Less) Official: Kaka To MLS

30 Jun

In a move that will keep our dear Shigs out of the state of Florida for the forseeable future, Kaka has rescinded his contract with AC Milan and is heading to Orlando City. Continue reading