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The End….for now

4 Jun


I’ve changed my mind. I take it back. I don’t want this season to be over & done, I’m just not ready. I thought I had made my peace with the fact that Mou would no longer be with us next season, along with a number of our players, but…..come the final match, all my acceptance went right out the window. Seeing Mou in the tunnel, seeing the boys chat in the tunnel, waiting for the beginning of the end, it just did me in and then Pipa goes and drops a bomb the size of his ass, saying he wants to leave?? My life officially became a Cymbalta commercial. No joke. My iTunes library certainly wasn’t helping the matter either, putting together the saddest shuffles known to man. Talk about Ode to Depression. I know at this point, there’s nothing we can do but try and figure out how to deal….it’s not going to be easy, but hopefully launching into NT mode will help. And cake. And lots of ice cream. And lots of sobbing into your ice cream. WAHHHH!

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Goals for Days…

20 Apr


Can I get a Woot Woot for Saturdays? Yes ma’am, this shitter of a week is over! I woke up feeling like I could finally exhale and it feels good, it feels so good that I thought *Hmmm…why not, finally, put some game posts together that feature so many pics & gifs, that it will probably take 10 minutes to load, once published.* So here that post is….just let your internet connections do what they do, for a minute, before you start scrolling 😉 Or count 50 Woot Woot‘s, or ogle them champion calves up!

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Goal-licious Against Levante

11 Apr

Real Madrid's Casillas sticks out his tongue as he sits in the bench before his Spanish first division soccer match against Levante in Madrid

Licky licky, licky licky, Iker likes to, licky licky, licky licky. Sorry, I had to…actually, I’m not sorry. Look at San Iker getting freaky on the bench! The Levante match had it going on, beautiful things happening on the pitch & beautiful people sitting on the bench, under some extremely flattering, washes of blue light…..excuse me while I daydream about our team as Mermen.

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A Win’s a Win

9 Jan


Hey, a little drama never hurt nobody….said no one ever. We didn’t ease into the new year like I hoped we would, but you know what, we did win and with four goals scored too! Two things we can be happy about with this match are, we do not lack the ability to score, Benz made sure of that when he scored within two minutes, AND PIPA IS BACK!!! That booty is back where it belongs, on the pitch, in some sheerish white shorts, running around, to the beat of the sexy music playing in my head. Yes, when Pipa runs things get very Baywatch-y for me! On the other hand, something we can be unhappy about (aside from the shameful whistling & drama) is Benz’s hair sitch. I take back all that I said about him growing his hair out, it needs to stop because I’m afraid he’s going to do this. Please. God. No.

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Last Training Before Celta, Presser, Adan-terview

11 Dec

Entrenamiento (3)Oooh, Iker’s got a little ‘come hither’ thang going on right there. I like it. A lot! I’ve had a hectic day and the evening promises to be similar so here’s a catch up post and I’ll have to do bits & bobs tomorrow. Continue reading

Champions League Catch Up: Man City & Ajax

7 Dec


The boys went into the Ajax match knowing that their spot in the last 16 was already sealed, so all that was left was to put on a show for the Bernabeu crowd and that they did with four lovely goals. I didn’t get a chance to recap the Man City match, which allowed the team to advance to the next round, so I’m compiling goals & thangs from that match & the Ajax one into one big ol’ post.

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Updated: Dear Derby, we love you.

4 Dec


I was all ready to say, ‘If Real Madrid don’t turn around and come back for La Liga, I want Atletico to win it,’ well…..this Derby & Diego Costa, certainly changed my mind. What the fack were you thinkin’, Maisougio?? Oh man, there was some nastiness going on, wasn’t there? Bravo to our boys & especially Sergio, Pony has come a long way, for walking away without getting into a fight. Not only did they keep their tempers in check, but they also won by two goals & kept a clean sheet. I think that calls for a couple WOOT WOOT’s! WOOOOOT WOOOOOOT, we just need to keep it together & keep taking points until the boys go off & regroup during Christmas break.

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Training, A Marcelo & Pipa Sighting, & A Chat with Karankinky

16 Nov

Would you look at that, all of our boys back together & no new injuries. Thank you International Duty Gods for sparing us! I think Albiol looks the happiest to be back, or just the happiest to be facing Arbeloa’s backside…hey, it’s cardio that keeps our team fit & whatever get’s their hearts pumpin’ is more than OK with me. 😉 Preparations for tomorrow’s match, against Bilbao, included a lot of bending over, which is my idea of a perfect training session!

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No Rest For Mou & His Boys, LFP Awards, and Look Who’s Tweeting!

13 Nov

“Hello, Black Beauty.”

Let’s pause on the International Duty shizz, to take a moment to rejoice in the fact that SAMIIIII IS BAAAACK and BENZZZZ IS MAKING PROGRESS!!! With so many of our boys hit by injuries, it’s very good news when they start to make their way back to us. Who do we have left on the injured list? Marcelo, Ozi, Pipa, Benz, & Cris? Yeah…I probably shouldn’t have listed them out, I’m trying to hold on to the happy!  But, happy news it is for Sami, because he trained at the same pace as the rest of the team in preparation for Saturday’s match against Bilbao. Go on & do your healthy thang, boy!

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2 Goals, 1 Clean Sheet

23 Oct

I hate missing any match of the season!!! It sucks when life gets in the way of footy weekends, but from what I was following on twitter, this was a game to miss…since there were plenty of misses during the 90 minutes against Celta. Cris was having an off game and everyone was lacking finish, was the general consensus. Luckily for us, there were two times when finish was not a problem, with Pipita’s smashing cross of a goal & with Cristiano’s penalty. As always, I’m happy for the three points & CLEAN SHEET, but I want my kick ass team back! 😦

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