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Training, More Nominations, Checking in with Sami, and a Familiar Face

4 Dec


Methinks Sergio is bitter about the comments I made about his hand gestures yesterday….I can see the anger in his eyes and the indecision in his hands. You’re still my favorite Pony, Sese!

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Training, A Marcelo & Pipa Sighting, & A Chat with Karankinky

16 Nov

Would you look at that, all of our boys back together & no new injuries. Thank you International Duty Gods for sparing us! I think Albiol looks the happiest to be back, or just the happiest to be facing Arbeloa’s backside…hey, it’s cardio that keeps our team fit & whatever get’s their hearts pumpin’ is more than OK with me. 😉 Preparations for tomorrow’s match, against Bilbao, included a lot of bending over, which is my idea of a perfect training session!

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