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Arrival In Miami, Swoonworthy Visitors & Arbie Interview

6 Aug
Llegada_a_Miami (8)

Sese thankfully covered his hair while Iker got a new awkwardly placed murse

Los Blancos arrived night in Miami and Iker has a new bag. I wonder if his Madrid murse is going to get jealous? Lord, that boy is incapable of looking cool while carrying a bag isn’t he? Continue reading

A Bit Of A Catch Up

6 May

BJfc1YiCAAA91ziI’ve been incredibly busy for the past 5 days so I’m going to try to do a quick catch up post, although I know that I won’t be able to fit everything in. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and many of the players posted shots with their mamis and/or partners. Easy to tell Marcelo’s grin anywhere, isn’t it? He’s barely changed! Continue reading

Have A Little Sexism With Your Holiday Cheer!

10 Dec

Watching BeIn Sport this weekend, this commercial made my blood pressure rise every single time it came on. Continue reading

Updated: Lights Out, Everybody’s Going Home

23 Sep

Well, that’s classic, now isn’t it? The lights were out at Vallecas apparently due to sabotage (vandals reportedly cut the wires) and the match had to be postponed. However, that decision wasn’t made without all sorts of drama, confusion, fans waiting outside and arguing about the time of the rescheduled match. This went well beyond the usual La Liga clusterfuck. I’m always amazed that the folks at LFP get paid for the absolutely shambolic way they run the operation. No one seems capable of making a decision in a timely manner. Kay Murray posted a rundown of her experience. Continue reading

Real Madrid-Bayern Munich Champions League News Special

25 Apr

From RealMadrid.com

Here’s an English language match preview. My stomach is in knots! Argh! On a shallow note (to get my mind off the match), what do y’all think of Kay Murray’s new darker hair? I think she looks adorbs (well, she always does).

– Lozil

Ballon d’Or Pics

9 Jan

Here are the pics from tonight’s Ballon d’Or ceremony, everyone looked lovely but….there would’ve been a LOT more lovely people up in there if our boys & coach were present! 😉 Continue reading