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Lace Up Your Boots, It’s Time for Round 4 of futbal_minibang! (Author Sign Ups Now Open!)

12 Jul

Round 4 of futbal_minibang has arrived and we hope you’ll join us! Read on for more details. Continue reading

Get Ready All Footy Fic Writers, Artists, Mixers, Etc. – It’s Futbal Mini-Bang Round 3!

17 Jan

ZrBra3zJust in time to cure those winter blues, it’s Futbal Mini-Bang Round 3! If you’ve been feeling creative or just have the urge to read some good fic, we’ve got just the thing for you. Continue reading

Futbal MiniBang Round 2: Artist Sign-Ups Now Open!

7 Aug

ojKxHGXAs ever, my ass is late getting this up (So behind on…life… at this point). Anyhow, as you may remember from this post, Futbal MiniBang Round 2 has kicked off! The writers are hard at work and now it’s time for you creative types to get in on the fun.  Continue reading

A World Cup Thank You Letter

20 Jul

1It was early May when Lozil originally approached me about writing all of the national team profiles before the World Cup began. We also briefly discussed how HB&HB was going to cover all of the matches. Continue reading

Calling All Footy Fic Writers, Artists, Mixers, Etc. – It’s Futbal Mini-Bang Round 2: World Cup Edition!

19 Jul

3wrC7TsI’m now officially 2 days late getting this up, but it’s time for Futbal Mini-Bang 2! So put all those residual World Cup feels to use and get creative. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group E – A Belated Wrap-Up

28 Jun

Gulliver Valbuena celebrates his goal among the Brobdingnag people. (@ICEViral)

My sincerest apologies, gang. I’ve been quite remiss in keeping up with my blogging duties. It’s been a bit messy around these here parts lately, so I hope you’ll forgive the delay. That said, here’s a quick recap of all the good stuff you may have missed! Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group E – Match Report: Switzerland v. Ecuador; Bits & Bobs

18 Jun
An Ecuadorean fan readies for the match (Fernando Llano/AP).

An Ecuadorean fan readies for the match (Fernando Llano/AP).

You could make a really solid argument that this match was better than the three-goal thriller that was France v. Honduras. The teams were more evenly matched, you got a real sense of both teams’ strengths and weaknesses—and nothing beats a last-minute winner, right? That said, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group E: Match Recap—France v Honduras

16 Jun

France showed up to this match with only one thing in mind: redemption. I’d say that mission was soundly accomplished, wouldn’t you? And with style, too. It was an afternoon of thrilling goals, technical snafus, a red card and the long-awaited introduction of goal-line technology! What a match! Continue reading

Group E: Guinea Pigs, “Fat Blokes,” Drones and Misplaced Hotel Reservations

14 Jun

Group E

Hey gang, it’s Karo (kfunk22 / karoroad), reporting for Group E duty as we get underway in Brazil. Super pumped to be here with you all! How awesome is this going to be? How awesome has this been already? Continue reading

It Takes A Village

11 Jun

motd-world-cup_720x405The World Cup kicks off tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! Don’t forget that there is still time to join the HB & HB World Cup Pool (and for those who already signed up, don’t forget to make your picks!) But that’s not all we have planned! Continue reading