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I Heard The Concentracion Angels Singing To Me….

8 Jan


The Look of Love Is In Your Eyes

The look of love is in your eyes (thanks to the new sex beards you’re both sporting)

…and they were singing a song of bromance. A wonderous song extolling the Double As, Sergzil & Khedergio! I’m so happy to see Arbie & Chori hanging together. It’s gonna be a Strip Parchis night, y’all! Continue reading


The Training Continues…

29 Nov

I know Xabi & Alvie are doing some sort of training maneuver but I can’t help imagining that they’re practicing their choreographed routine for the holiday party. They’re going to kick ass at the Electric Slide, yo! Continue reading

Pre-Espanyol Stretchies

4 Mar

Well, at least Arbeloa and Albiol are in close proximity but it certainly doesn’t look cuddly, does it? Looks like Alvaro is in a snit and Xabi is playing peacemaker. (“What on earth did you say to him, Raul?!”  “I don’t know! I was just talking about how popped collars are really douchey and he stormed off!” “Sigh.”) Will these crazy kids ever get it back together? We can only hope. Another divided looking  looking bromance this morning? Sami & Mesut ( I know!) Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Epic Bromance Month – Khedergio

1 Oct

It’s time to kick off Epic Bromance Month! We’re going to feature some of our fave boy couples (many as voted on by watishistas! in our poll).  Feel free to add your fave pictures of each bromance in the comment section. We’re going to start with one of the pairings that helped in the creation of HB & HB – Khedergio.
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Random Moments…

5 Aug

D’awwwwwww!  This is such a sweet picture. Cris is being a doll with the kids and they are flat out adorable. Look at their oversize kits and their wee little socks!  That wasn’t the only cute woobins hanging around in a Real Madrid kit. Feast your eyes on this bebe.
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Very, Very Interesting…

16 Apr

Debating the merits of which hair gel to use in the game today

So…Marca is reporting the starting line up as follows and I find it very, very interesting – to say the least:

Goalkeeper: Iker

Defenders: Sergio Ramos, Albiol, Carvalho, Marcelo

Midfield: Pepe, Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira

Attackers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Angel Di Maria.

So he’s going with a 4-3-3 and leaving Ozil out of it?  Hmmmm, 3 central defenders and CripsyKarim and Fideo up front. What do you guys think about that? Puyi is back for Barca today as well (Bojan and Abidal are still out).  I’ll be interested to see how this works. In Mou We Trust!

Some other little bits…

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Girding Our Loins For El Clasico

15 Apr

As we get ready for El Clasico, Mou started the mindfucking off in epic style. He let Karanka give the press conference and refused to talk. As a result, 30 Spanish journalists staged a walkout. Oh Mou, I love you.  The best part about Spring in Madrid and training? Los Blancos wear less clothing.

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