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2015 Women’s World Cup: The Case of Marta, Women’s Football, and Financial (Mis)Fortunes

10 Jun

We all know there is a massive disparity between the money available for women’s football vs men’s football. The Atlantic writer Gwendolyn Oxenham recently published a fantastic article contrasting the fortunes–financial and otherwise–of Brazilian football stars Marta and Neymar. As Oxenham subtitles the article, “One of the nation’s best players makes $15 million a year. The other can’t find a team to sign her.” A tale of woe all too familiar for female footballers the world over. Continue reading

A Bumper Crop of Bits & Bobs

13 Dec

Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (3)Oh boy, I’m coming down with something. I’m starting to feel really crappy. This does not bode well for the holiday season. Anyhow, I’m going to post some bits and bobs. After that, I’m crawling home to bed, Nyquil and Vaporub. Continue reading