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FIFA16 Cover Vote

2 Jul

779030-59e279e6-13eb-11e5-97cb-591a1d9825c0EA Sports is currently running a contest to determine which player will be on the cover of FIFA16 in Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico, and the UK. Interestingly, the Australian candidates are all members of the Australian Women’s National Team: Kyah Simon, Steph Cateley, and Katrina Gorry. That’s right, female footballers are the only players in the running for Australia. All the nominees for the other countries are, unsurprisingly, male.

What is also interesting about these three female nominees is that they are only 24, 21, and 22 years old respectively. They’re just babies! What an honour to be considered for such an item so early in your career.

Voting ends July 5 for all the regions, with the winners and covered revealed on July 8.

– hopechaser

2015 WWC – Group D: Australia 2 – Nigeria 0

18 Jun

n1A super steamy day in Winnipeg saw the Matildas of Australia face the Super Falcons from Nigeria in their first ever meeting. Turf issues were bound to be an issue as the commentators said that there was a twenty degree difference between the sunny and shady sides of the pitch. The Nigerians seemed in good form, as they sang their way through the tunnel and into the pitch. Continue reading