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Time To Celebrate #33

22 May

I love these goofballs! So many great pictures and videos from the celebrations… Continue reading


21 May

What a great end to the day! 33rd time as La Liga champions (and counting)! I’m still busy celebrating but there will be more pictures in the coming days. HALA MADRID!

Iker’s Video Of the Ceremony

15 May

Was just about to head to bed when I noticed that watishista jellyace had sent me a link to Iker’s video of last night’s extravaganza. I had heard about this and promptly forgot to look for it so thanks, jelly! I love the adorable smile Xabi shoots the camera and Iker talking to the young kids of the cantera. Too sweet!

– Lozil

Even More Celebration Pictures!

14 May

Mmmm, yummy! I’m guessing you don’t mind looking at more pictures of the guys? GFSports has a bumper crop of goodies from the celebrations. Continue reading

Celebration Part IV: Luncheon And Comments

14 May

Back on the EBB and off to the Santiago Bernabeu for a celebratory lunch at Puerta 57 for the team, coaching staff and Board of Directors. Whew! Busy day! Continue reading

Celebration Part III: Presenting The Trophy At La Almudena Cathedral

14 May

The boys hopped back on the Evil Bunny Bus for one more stop: La Almudena Cathedral to present the trophy to the Virgin of La Almudena, a patron of the city. Happy fans greeted their champions. Continue reading

Celebration Part II: Presenting The Trophy At City Hall

14 May

Next stop, City Hall where they were greeted by Mayor Ana Botella and they did a whole lot of meetin’ and greetin’. Continue reading

Celebration Part I: Presenting The Trophy To The Government of Madrid

14 May

Lots of pictures and video to share! Los Blancos made three stops to present the trophy today. First up, was a visit to the Community of Madrid and it’s president Esperanza Aguirre. Continue reading

Even More Pictures, Part II

4 May

Thanks for your patience on this – it’s my last night in Bonaire, so I’ve been getting in some last minutes in the water, a nice dinner out and of course, packing. I have to be at the airport at 5 AM (ugh!) so as you can imagine, this will be a quick picture dump. Want to see what I saw tonight? Continue reading

Even More Pictures!

4 May

Drunk Iker is hilarious!

Here’s a bunch more pictures I stumbled across last night. I have to find and post a gif of the epic moment where Drunk!Xabi slid through Albiol’s leg. I laughed my arse off. Hopefully, there are no dupes in here. Both Maisougio and I are looking at tons of pix and my internet connection in Bonaire is sporadic (I’m heading back to New York tomorrow). I have more to put up later tonight (including another of Mesut’s collarbone) but the connection right now is slooooow and I have to head out. Continue reading