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Even More Pictures, Part II

4 May

Thanks for your patience on this – it’s my last night in Bonaire, so I’ve been getting in some last minutes in the water, a nice dinner out and of course, packing. I have to be at the airport at 5 AM (ugh!) so as you can imagine, this will be a quick picture dump. Want to see what I saw tonight? Continue reading

Partying > Training & Pressers

4 May

That sure is some unenthusiastic running, right there! How does one go from yesterday to training today?? I do not envy our boys, not one bit. It’s like being presented with your birthday cake & then being told you have to wash everyone’s dishes. Blah! Well we do have to prepare for our last away game 😥 can you guys believe  the season is almost over?? It just seems like yesterday that they were go-karting & receiving their Audis. I’m not crying, the humidity is just creating moisture around my eyes… Continue reading

UPDATED: The Champions in Motion

4 May

Here we are comin’ at ya with more Cibeles footage! And we’ll continue to keep comin’ at ya until there’s nothing left! 😉 Someone got the good, uncut stuff direct from RMtv’s stream, and Jellyace was kind enough to send me the links to share. Continue reading

Even More Pictures!

4 May

Drunk Iker is hilarious!

Here’s a bunch more pictures I stumbled across last night. I have to find and post a gif of the epic moment where Drunk!Xabi slid through Albiol’s leg. I laughed my arse off. Hopefully, there are no dupes in here. Both Maisougio and I are looking at tons of pix and my internet connection in Bonaire is sporadic (I’m heading back to New York tomorrow). I have more to put up later tonight (including another of Mesut’s collarbone) but the connection right now is slooooow and I have to head out. Continue reading

More Pics & Comments After Partying at Cibeles

3 May

Of course I find more pretty pics as soon as I finish up that LONG ASS post! 🙂 Continue reading

Too Good Not To Post Right Away

3 May

You know how I love Serata and merged with Sergion, it could only make for a mighty threesome of hotness. Sergio tweeted this shot of him out partying with Pirata and Calleti. I’m going to spin myself a pervy little fantasy and suggest that the L stands for love and the 4 stands for the foursome they’re going to have when Fernando manages to get his fine bootay to Madrid. Sergio looks soooooooo happy with his current position in the Callejon/Granero sandwich. Lucky man!

– Lozil

The *I’m So Happy I Can’t Think of a Title* Post

23 Apr

It’s been two days since the match now, who’s still smiling?? I am! It’s one thing to believe your team can do something and it’s another to see them achieve it, it just feels so good! We beat Barca in their casa, broke the record of 107 La Liga goals TWICE, played 90ish minutes sans drama or controversy, & got ourselves a pretty nice 7 point lead. Cue the WOOT WOOOOOOOOOT’s please. It’s feeling pretty damn nice to be a Madridista…not that it isn’t always 😉 Continue reading

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!

21 Apr



…can we have our trophy now? 😉