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FloPeezy Gives A Big Ol’ ‘Bitch, Plz’ To Marca (As Do Iker & Sergio)

24 Jan

bullshitSo the lying liars who lie at Marca finally went too far with this cover and prompted the wrath of one Mr. FloPeezy, Supreme Commander of All Things Real Madrid.  The ‘Peez was not having it. Continue reading


25 Sep

I hate waking up to disturbing tweets, its probably my fault since I sleep with my phone under my pillow, but still. La Liga Loca  tweeted parts of Miguel Serrano’s post in today’s Marca. I’ve been looking for a link to the post but apparently its only in the print edition. Check out this bullshit… Continue reading

Bits and Bobs: Cesc Socializing, Water Wings, Victory, Bad Hair and Transfers

22 Jun

Awkward moments on the town with Cesc Fabregas:“Hey Gio, haven’t seen you since the World Cup Final! Wasn’t that day awesome?! Oh…um, never mind”

Cesc continues to live it up in Jakarta. He tweeted this picture of himself hanging out with Dutch ‘baller Gio van Bronckhorst. He wasn’t the only one enjoying himself today. New pix of the Torres family surfaced as well in the Daily Mail (along with Rio Ferdinand in a pool surrounded by women, but I don’t much care about that). Clickthrough for the ovary exploding cuteness…
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