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Merry Christmas/Happy New Year From La Roja & La Rojita!

29 Dec

I continue to be about as useful as a block of wood, laying in bed here wheezing, I’ll make two quick posts before I fall asleep yet again. (Thanks for all the kind wishes, BTW. Max and I are doing okay but I think I’ve morphed into a cat since I’m sleeping about 14 hours a day).

The merry men of La Roja & the bebes of La Rojita taped holiday messages and – glory be! – blooper reels (I’m side eyeing you, Real Madrid – better get mine tomorrow). So here you go. Chori was very, very Chori (I like how someone handed him a giant Christmas tree to put at crotch level – just adding more fuel to his nickname, eh?) Everyone is just a complete goofball. I do love seeing Xabi crack up and Alvaro being (lovingly) frustrated by his boo. I also got a kick out of how they paired tiny guys with big dudes and perched the wee ones on the shelf (Mata/Negredo, Monreal/Llorente). Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Alvaro Morata & Nacho Fernández

13 Dec

A_DrBkxCQAE7TEl.jpg largeOur canterano bebes are growing up! They’ve been bromancing through the cantera, Castilla, the first team and La Rojita. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Jese Rodriguez and Gerard Deulofeu

6 Dec

Gerard-Deulofeu-celebra-el-tri_54374098925_54115221152_960_640Everyone seemed to love the concept of star crossed bromances, so I present to you the puppy love of Madridista Muppet Baby Jese and Barca boy Gerard Deulofeu. Most of their bromancing takes place while they’re with La Rojita, but they certainly make up for lost time with all the dramatic displays of affection. Here’s just a taster… Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Alvaro Morata & Isco

2 Dec
Kindly letting JLo get between their bromance.

Kindly letting JLo get between their bromance. (Love the demon eyed chick photobombing)

It’s Muppet Baby Love! Morata & Isco have been bromancing it up on both Real Madrid and La Rojita. They’re fully of cuteness. Continue reading

Friday Training, Transfer Drama, Spain Call Ups

30 Aug

Entrenamiento (9)Casanova picked a great person to bromance with, didn’t he? Casacelo? Anyhow, these two were adorable at training. You can see them goofing around in the video after the jump. Continue reading

Saturday Bits & Bobs

22 Jun

e6672394bcdb11e2bb8f22000ae90eb1_7Hey all – hope you’re having a good weekend. I’m feeling a bit run down and crummy this weekend so I’m trying to get some rest. Here’s some bits & bobs. First up, this fantastic shot of El Pirata taken by his friend Rorro. I miss him so much! I wonder where he’s going to end up next season? Continue reading

Wednesday Night Bits & Bobs

19 Jun

346706cad8a911e2819322000a1faa24_7Well, folks, it was another one of those work days and I just finished dinner. At 10 PM. So this is going to be a quick post. Cris & Irina were reunited in NYC and looked pretty darn happy to see each other! Continue reading

Mazel Tov Morata! (And La Rojita)

18 Jun

BNESQ1FCIAEpV5gFrom this little woobins… Continue reading

Mazel Tov, La Rojita!

16 Jun

BM0hXpoCQAExqt7Congrats to La Rojita for making the finals of the Euro U-21. Watishisto PLL kindly sent me this picture of his Barca bebe Marc Bartra with my Madrid bebe, Morata, He especially cited the hand on knee (I said our babies learn that one from handsy Tio Sergio) and the “silly obstructing towel.” I must agree on the latter. STUPID TOWEL!

I’m holed up at the pub with watishistas forzasusan and Shigs as we prepare to cheer on both Italy and Spain. So excited for a footy Sunday!

– Lozil