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Stuart Holden Retires

3 Feb

1_062013_ISI_jam7_USMNTJD060613106_450A day after announcing the birth of  his first child, total sweetheart & USMNT national team midfielder Stuart Holden has decided to hang up his cleats. Poor Stu has had a ton of injuries and some really shitty luck, so he decided to call time on his career. He did it in his usual charming, humble style. Continue reading

World Cup 2014: Zlatan Has Arrived!

19 Jun

I repeat, Zlatan has arrived!

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Wednesday Training & More From The Galaxy 11 Crew

14 May

12The boys got themselves in some rather acrobatic positions today. Iker was hopping mini hurdles while Casemiro & Illara practiced their high kicks. Continue reading

Real Madrid – LA Galaxy Press Conference

12 Jul

Squeal! Becksillas, together again! Can you feel the love tonight? Because I sure can! They obviously adore each other.  I hope we get to see some giddy Becksillas action at some point.
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Some Quick Bits and Bobs Before Bedtime

15 Jun

Iker continued his “Hangin’ with the First Ladies of South America” tour as he met with Chile’s Cecilia Morel. He presented her with a pair of gloves that he wore in the 2010 World Cup. She gave him…a t-shirt with the logo of a program she sponsors that encourages healthy habits. It reminded me of one of my fave movies (Say Anything) when cinematic perfect man Lloyd Dobler says “I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Oh Lloyd, Diane Court wasn’t right for you! I was! ::sob::  Ahem. Anyways…
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Footballer Fashion Follies

29 Apr

OMG! So melj1213 from LiveJournal came up with a brilliant idea over on ONTD_Football. She posted this shot of Guti in his neon track suit (oh please, please, please let him sign to the NY Red Bulls!) and invited others to post their favorite football fashion fails. As you can imagine, our boys featured prominently along with many others. Go read the post, it’s hysterical. Here are some of my faves along with the LJ names of the people who posted them. If you have pix to add, please feel free to stick them in the comments here or over at LJ. This is too much fun (and we sorely need some right now).

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