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That Awkward Moment…

17 Nov

lara…when you have to announce that your ex-boyfriend has knocked up the woman he started dating after you as a part of your job. That “smile” on Lara’s face could better be described as a ‘rictus’. As for the finger crossing, I have no clue why she’s doing that, but I’d like to think she’s just like us and crossin’ em’ in the hopes that the baby clothes are going to be as out of control as we imagine.

– Lozil

Bits & Bobs: Vacays, Videos, Very Compromising Positions & Much More

10 Jul

I had one of those days again – really hectic and I’ve got a bit of a headache going on. As I work during the day, I take notes, paste URLS, etc. on Notepad of stuff that I want to write about, interesting bits, etc. So today, I had a HUGE file going and my computer threw the Blue Screen of Death and I lost it all. I’m sure there were some major gems in there (or not!) but I’m going to try to add all that I can remember before bedtime. First up, some vacation goodies! Continue reading

Updated: The Boys and Their Ladies Takin’ in Some Tennis

12 May

My Life Drawing professor once labeled me a Colorist, so I’m going to do the same to Sergio since it must take talent to be able to match your hair to your sweater so expertly & seamlessly. ūüėõ¬† I’m sitting amongst a shitload of paint swatches (coincidentally, I’m liking one called Romantic Flamenco) so I wanna ask you guys, what would you name our Sese’s hair color? Spun Gold? Fierce Sunrise? Sevillan Sunset?…I could go on, but then you would never see the rest of the boys & their ladies at the Madrid Masters! Continue reading

Lord, Sergio,That Jacket Is HIDEOUS

27 Apr

Sergio has been known for some heinous coats in his time, notably this monstrosity and the legendary Frankencoat¬†(and I forgot this one!) but I personally think that there is a special place in hell for denim blazers. Especially ones that feature gradiated fading and the word “Dungaree” on them. Just UGH. Anyhow, if you don’t want to see Sergio and Lara together, DO NOT PROCEED PAST THIS POINT. If you do, no bitching please! Cheers.

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Sergio & Rene Go Shopping

24 Apr

I know I’m waaaaaaaaaaay behind on posting today – lots of meetings at work, so while I’m prepping the training & presser posts, here’s some Sergio and Rene to keep you busy. The brothers were spotted shopping together in Madrid yesterday. Continue reading

Updated: Star-Crossed: Sergio in Doha, Qatar/Nando in Madrid

5 Apr

Well, guess he got to skip training today (those must have been old pictures) because Sergio is in Doha, Qatar at the MotoGP event¬†Commercialbank Grand Prix of Qatar. Why you might ask? Well, not sure you’ll like the answer but… Continue reading

Sergio, Looking Good

4 Jan

Great shot of Sergio watching the game yesterday which comes to us via JohnyRamos. More pix and some romance gossip after the jump.
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Sese Update

10 Nov

So what was Sergio up to in the days leading up to international duty? Well, he helped promote the Davis Cup Final in Seville for starters, while wearing a denim jacket and a dishcloth tied around his neck. Sigh. He still looks cute, doesn’t he?
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Brace Yourself…More Sergio And Lara

22 Sep

Turns out that Sergio brought Lara to the party celebrating Iker’s twelfth anniversary party with the club. Sigh. I guess all the pictures are going to come out now. Looks like she’s going to be around for a bit. Be strong, Serg Sisters! ¬†(Photo courtesy of @RMadridInfo)


Batten Down The Hatches, Here Comes Hurricane Fangirl: Sergio & Lara Are On Again

21 Sep

Oh hell, what a way to wake up. I’m sorry, Maisougio! ¬†Unamadridista posted this piccie today along with an explanation of the article: “The article says that Sergio and Lara have reconciled after several months apart (although their relationship was never confirmed the first time around), with these photos of them leaving a flamenco show as proof (they also had a ‚Äúromantic dinner‚ÄĚ and a few drinks). ¬†It also says that Sergio was the one who decided to get back together, after he returned to Madrid from Real Madrid‚Äôs American tour.”

Thanks una for sharing the news although I know it’s going to send girly shock waves across fandom. That sound you just heard? 80 bazillion fangirl hearts breaking simultaneously.