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Bits & Bobs: Concentracion, Call Ups, Model SBs, Amigos!, Kittens!, Pirata & For Shame, Cesc Fabregas

30 Sep

Behind as ever, that’s me! Anyhow, the match is less than 2 hours away and I’m just catching up on posting, thanks to the evil neighbors who decided to roll home at 2 AM and throw an impromptu party in their backyard, waking me up. I finally shrieked out the window at them around 3 am and they shut up. However, I didn’t fall back asleep until about 6 AM so I’m a bit out of it. Arseholes. Do they not realize that I have to post pictures of hot footy players for an international audience? PRIORITIES, LOUD NEIGHBORS! LEARN THEM! Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Brazilians, Birthdays, Bebes, Bonding, Booty And More

12 Sep

Here’s some bits & bobs from the last few days. Brazil spanked the ever lovin’ crap out of China 8-0 on Monday (ouch). The team posted lots of pix the past few days, mostly of them celebrating Oscar’s 21st birthday and hanging out. Doesn’t Marcelo look badass in that shot? Continue reading

UPDATED: The End Of The Transfer Window And Other Bits & Bobs

31 Aug

Well, that’s that then. The transfer window is closed. Apparently Lille wouldn’t let Debuchy go. Sigh. But there was some movement on our end. Chelsea’s Michael Essien is coming to Real Madrid on a one year loan and Lass’s transfer to Anzhi is official pending a medical. Looks like Kaka and Carvalho are still with us. Continue reading

UPDATE: It’s (Almost) Official: Lass To Anzhi

31 Aug

This just in thanks to watishisto Junior. The Daily Mail is reporting that Lass is off to Anzhi. I’m no Lass hater, but he wanted to leave and this seems like a good move for him. More as it happens.

UPDATE: Now hearing that this fell through. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the dust clears.

UPDATE: Russian transfer window doesn’t close for 6 more days. Time for it to go through after all.

UPDATE: It’s a done deal. Real Madrid has announced the transfer, pending a medical.

– Lozil

The Season Starts with Ooh’s & Ouchies

22 Aug

All that’s going to be remembered about our boys’ season opener are the hard knocks Iker & Pepe took to their heads, so why not pause on the scary injuries & open up with what good came out of the match? Without Pipa’s goal we wouldn’t have come away with our one point, which should’ve been three, and I think his big bootay deserved to score the season opener….I bet he thinks he deserved to have Arbie’s hands all over him in return! I bet our little score-whores have only the celebrations in mind when they head into a match, but who wouldn’t if you knew you’d have that kind of hotness jumping all over you as a reward? Woof. La Liga, we’ve missed you! With one point to their name, let’s look at the team piccies from Saturday. Continue reading

A Lot Of Catching Up To Do…

13 Aug

Yes, my lazy arse is finally back to posting. Sorry I’ve neglected you for the past few days. I got back from Philly late on Saturday night and spent almost all of Sunday fast asleep. I was worn out! Didn’t even turn on my computer.  Shout outs to Team Sweaty Shanks (DK, J-9, Shiggers & ginboonmiller) who accompanied me on the journey and awesome watishistas mygypsyspirit, conflictedinspain, Mandi & blackwidow who we got to meet up with. I really enjoyed hanging out with you ladies! I’m so sunburned that I glow in the dark and I could sleep for another week straight, but I had a wonderful time at the pre-season matches.

RM arrived in Spain yesterday (exceptions being the La Roja players that were called up). They didn’t waste any time hauling arse outta there after the game. Heck, Mesut posted a shot of them on the plane while we were enjoying our post-match pints. Continue reading

In the New York Groove

10 Aug

So I’m thinking that the number of Watishistas in attendance at these pre-season matches directly affects the level of game we get to see! Once again, the boys rocked it out with a big score & a fab display of RM talent. Cris got his booty on the score sheet and it was not just once, but twice! We also got to see beauties from Di Maria, Sergio, & Callejon, along with an awesome 2nd half performance from Kaka. I know Lozil and a number of Watishistas will be hittin’ Philly up for the Celtic match tomorrow, let’s see if the boys will put on another spectacular show with the help of some Watish! magic. Continue reading

May The Face Be With You

6 Aug

Poor Sami, he really knows what it means to take one for the team. Wins sometimes come at a price & unfortunately, Sami’s face was payin’ up last night. He looked to be alright after the hit…I speak from experience when I say it probably hurt his pride more than anything! It’s ok, he’s got an awesome goal story to tell that just happens to come along with hilarious footage, thanks YouTube. Can we all just thank the Lawd that the goal didn’t mess up his pretty? Thank you footy gods! Continue reading

Monday: First Training

30 Jul

Real Madrid did their first training session of the day at UCLA’s North Athletic Field. I have to say, I love Google Translate because it gives me great gems like this one:

Continue reading

Kuwait Friendly Recap

18 May

So now it’s officially summer vacay for the boys, now that they’ve gone, played, won, & come back from Kuwait. If you caught the match, you could tell they were just burnt our from their long, hard, well played season….or more likely, they’re still wiped out from celebrating! But they did manage to score two goals & delight their Kuwaiti fans. Continue reading