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Zlatan Tattooed For A Good Cause

16 Feb

Source: AFP

On Saturday, Zlatan scored for PSG and tore off his shirt earning a yellow card. And there was something very different about his body. Many, many, new tattoos. Continue reading

UEFA Elite Club Coaches Forum

4 Sep

Sneakers? Really Pep, Luis?

Every September UEFA holds this two-day forum for a select group of managers to come together and discuss a variety of football issues, get shit-faced, and talk smack about the other managers. Or so I speculate. This year’s forum is being held right now in Nyon, Switzerland, and is being chaired by UEFA’s coaching ambassador, Sir Alex Ferguson. Continue reading

UPDATED Again:Before they face off: Spain & France

20 Jun

It’s always nice to start with the booty shots isn’t it? I think so. Well it’s crunch time for the last eight! Things are going to get tougher, quieter, & more serious as the tournament winds down. Spain will have a closed training tomorrow, BOO, and I don’t know how many other teams will decide to cut us off, because that is what they’re doing! Anywho, Spain & France got to doing their thang today and because the amount of both team’s photos were kind of light, you get a face off training post! Double the yums, ooh’s, aah’s, and woot woot’s.

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Ooh La La: Zizou, Laurent Blanc and Arsene Wenger In L’Equipe Spread

7 May

Three of France’s most famous football figures combined for a photo spread in L’Equipe Sport & Style. All these pictures come courtesy of adviator who made the original post on ONTD Football. There’s also a making of video. They look great, don’t they? Continue reading

Euro 2012 Qualifier: France vs. Luxembourg

26 Mar

Karim, looking grumpy and hot.

By all accounts, not a good or exciting game. The team is restructuring a bit with new coach Laurent Blanc and the return of Patrice Evra and Franck Ribery. It’s going to take a bit of time for everything to settle down after this summer’s national team horrorshow at the World Cup.

Pre-game, the team wore t-shirts in honor of their recuperating teammate Eric Abidal, which was a lovely gesture.

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