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“My Boyfriend’s Back…”

17 Oct

…said Ozi about Sergio. Almost all our boys are back together, in their pretty white & blues, Real Madrid escudos back on their chests, beginning preparations for Celta. *Deep breath* That gives everyone two days to prepare. *Another deep breath* I can’t even think about injuries right now, I just want to throw my hands up, & thank the Lawd that international duty is over! Thank you, thank you. Y’all will be happy to know that the worry we’re all experiencing, hasn’t seemed to afflict our boys. As much as misery loves company, I’m glad they’re all staying positive, showing off their smiles & hams, upon returning to club duty. Go on, with your hot selves, as our hearts palpitate and our minds return to their ever calculating, la liga point crunching, states. Continue reading