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You Know He’s Squeeing Hardcore

20 Feb

Bg9OsN4CAAAkW8lThe world’s number one 300 fanboy, Arbeloa, got to go to the premiere of 300: Dawn of an Empire and he brought some buddies along: Dani, Isco, Illara, Nacho, DLo & Jesus. I bet Arbie annoyed the hell out of everyone by yelling “This is Sparta!” and “Tonight we dine in hell!” before the movie started. I’m also betting he added a whole bunch of new quotes to his vocab to repeat over and over on the way home in the car. It will be a miracle if one of those guys doesn’t leave him by the side of the road. Bless. I love how excited he gets by about things. Remember, this is a man who owns his own Game of Thrones broadsword. He is a hot nerd and I love him for it.

– Lozil

UPDATED: Sergio And Cesc Enjoying Their Sunday

4 Dec

Sergio and his ever present brother in law Carlos took in the Davis Cup final. Sergio looks pretty good for someone who was urging us all to get down like Chris Brown last night, doesn’t he? Continue reading