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Sergio’s Getting Another Bloody Tattoo

26 Jul

Sergio just tweeted that he was home again and it looks like his first stop was to Leo’s tat parlor. Oy. I guess we’ll see the results soon enough.

– Lozil

Nando’s New Tat

10 Jun

Eagle eyed watishista Cosi noticed Nando’s new tattoo. In Latin, it says “post nubila, phoebus” or “After the clouds, the sun.” Really appropriate for the last year or so of his life, eh? Anyhow, here’s another shot of Leo Millares doing the tat. Continue reading

Sergio Is A Mama’s (And Papa’s) Boy

11 Feb

Sergio posted a picture of his new tats just a few minutes ago. He said that they were his mother’s name (Paqui) and his father’s nickname (Rubio) and that they are unique and he loves them dearly. Awwwww! He adores his family, doesn’t he?

– Lozil

Sergio Gets More Tattoos

9 Feb

Of course he tweeted this right after I put up the other post. Sergio is at Leo’s getting ANOTHER tat. He’s smart this time and had the person taking the shot not in the mirror like last time when we could see Lara. He looks super adorable though. His hair is killing me softly lately. I guess we’ll have to start zaprudering footage of games/photos so that we can check out his new ink, but knowing him, he’ll probably provide us with a picture.

– Lozil

Seriously, Guti?!

23 Jan

Oh ffs, Guti! I read on Twitter that he and Romina had the paw prints of their tiny fuzzy purse dog tattooed on them by Leo Millares, but he didn’t post a picture. So I went out to lunch. And when I came back, this was waiting for me. Thanks to watishista! Vicki over on Twitter who sent the link to us.

Guti should to get a job and soon.  He needs something more to do than make out with Romina, tweet about it, wear bad clothes to golf in, grow his goatee and get new, more horrifying tattoos. Shouldn’t he be focused on planning the wedding or something?!

– Lozil

Guti Stops By Valdebebas

17 Jan

Sergio posted a picture on Twitter of Guti stopping by to visit the boys at Valdebebas.  Guti obviously had a busy day. He tweeted good luck to Sergio and later, posted a picture of the frog’s legs that he and his tattoo artist (and Sergio’s) Leo were eating. I’ll spare you that snapshot. He said they were getting up the strength for tattooing. I wonder what he’s going to get on him now? I’m assuming it’s something Romina-related.

– Lozil

Tattoo Artist To The Footy Stars

16 May

Remember this picture of a shirtless Sese with a tattoo artist? Well, we now have an identity thanks to woody_lein and the peeps at ramos_fans LiveJournal. His name is Leo Millares, he’s originally from Argentina and he runs Soul Tattoo in Mostoles (hometown of Iker!) I did a bit of further digging and found that he’s the tat artist of choice for ‘ballers such as Sergio Ramos, Nando, Guti, Kun Agüero, Asenjo, Antonio López, Raúl García, Simao, Molinero, Maniche, Leo Franco, Mascherano and rocker Dani Martín (El Canto del Loco).  Here’s the Facebook page for Soul Tattoos.  He also rocks the thumbs up pose like a pro!