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Wednesday Training, Lots of Goodies & Leo Torres Falls On His Bum Some More

22 May

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (4)Spring has sprung and our sexy croissant is throwing flirtatious looks around (and for once, they’re not into his own camera phone). Continue reading

Tuesday Training, A Glimpse Into The Future & FloPeezy Presser

21 May

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (9)Mmmm, looking good there Calleti! The team had their second training today as we chug towards the end of the season. Continue reading

Who’s ready for some Torres bebes?

19 May

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Chelsea v Everton - Stamford Bridge

Chelsea wrapped up their season today, with both goals scored by these two hubba hubbas! Chelsea beat Everton, 2-1, and finished 3rd in the league. Congrats to them & yay for us, because the Papa Nando bust out the bebes to celebrate. Prepare for the adorableness that are Nora & Leo. Continue reading

Nora & Leo Torres Steal The Show Again

8 Apr

Nora & Leo make whatever was being discussed on Extra Time at the Bridge completely irrelevant by tearing around in the background being the adorable toddlers they are. (They fall down alot and shriek. It’s precious.)

– Lozil

Sunday Training, DLo Interview, Travel To Istanbul & More

7 Apr

What a day, what a day. I’m finally getting around to posting. I ended up having to go to the mall today, which was a complete horrorshow. It was ram packed, screaming toddlers everywhere and it completely sapped my will to live. I came home to my blessedly quiet apartment, face planted and slept like a log. Never doing that again on a weekend no matter how much I need something. Ugh. Here’s a bit of a catch up of today’s activities… Continue reading

More Of The Torres Family At The Beach

7 Sep

Only Torres tumblr had a bumper crop of new pictures from the Torres family’s pre-international duty weekend in Ibiza. Adorable family togetherness within! Continue reading

The Torres Family In Ibiza This Weekend

3 Sep

Nando, Olalla, Leo & Nora got some time in Ibiza over the weekend before he has to report for national team duty tomorrow. Seeing a happy family is such a great respite from all this media huffing and puffing, isn’t it? Continue reading

Sunday Rump Roast And Something Much Thinner

22 Jul


Forgot to include these in the last post. Here’s a few more pictures of the Family Torres on Holiday in Mallorca. And then something much thinner. And by that, I mean Victoria Beckham. In the meantime, enjoy Nando’s rump roast. Continue reading

The Family Torres On Vacay

20 Jul


One of my fave families has been enjoying the last bits of their vacation time and I was happy to find a bunch of pictures via the Fell In Love With Fernando Torres tumblr. Continue reading

Countdown To Ovary Detonation In Three…Two…One

7 Jul

Watishista April found this video with some new angles on the celebration. There’s tons of Nando, Leo & Nora (including where he uses his legendary booty as a dollie storage unit), more Enzo Cazorla, Sergio & Daniela and after a brief part showing the fans dancing, everyone on the planet finding the cheeks of Aitana Negredo irresistible (especially Iker). Also, anyone know who is the little boy that Albiol is carrying around? I’m assuming it’s his nephew. I saw a quick shot in an earlier video, but I can see the little boy much clearer in this video.

– Lozil