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International Recap

10 Sep

Bale Wales4

My original plan was to give you a daily recap of the international break. That obviously did not happen. But I do have some goodies after the jump. Continue reading

Here’s To Five More Years Of Duckface Selfies & Terrifying T-shirts

6 Aug

Satellite (1)As the transfer window chugs along, at least one rumor can be laid to rest. Karim has just signed a 5 year extension to his contract. Continue reading

He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

19 Jul

10560966_797211746986199_147552608_nWell, except for the hair. But other than that, it’s easy to identify Karim Benzema. He’s even got a wild hued/patterned shirt on.  (It starts early, apparently) Too fabulous. Let’s hope Melia gets Chloe’s brows, though.

Mami, Papi & baby were in Ibiza on vacation this week. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Karim Benzema: A Day In The Life

26 Jun

Ah, what a treat! We get to spend the day with K.Benz and what a day it is. He eats breakfast(alone, of course), gets his hair trimmed, wears lurid underwear at the physio’s (complete with closeups of his junk), updates his social media accounts (sadly, no footage of him posing for selfies), listens to a rap song about…himself (along with CR7 & G-Money) and catcalls his mates in the hot tub. You cannot make this stuff up. God bless the FFF for bringing the lulz tonight. Much appreciated. Translation of Karim’s pearls of wisdom here. And damn, is that screencap on the video with the double thumbs up terrifying or what?

– Lozil

Thursday At Valdebebas, Crispy Is In It To Win It & More

15 May
Truffles & Crispy. Why is my stomach suddenly growing?

Truffles & Crispy. Why am I suddenly hungry?

Everyone was back in action for the Thursday training session and the Mister put them through their paces. Continue reading

Karim Gifts Us With A Pre-Match Selfie

24 Apr

11882_448075265283925_1615636414_nThat in combination with a thumbs up means all is right in the world! Thanks to wathishista Mehreh for the heads up! (Is it obvious that bombarding you with posts is my way of staying sane before kick off?)

– Lozil

Whole Lotta Bits & Bobs

20 Feb

600713_550396551657241_1851544586_nYours truly has been totes slacking on the bits and bobs over the past couple of days. If I don’t get them up daily, they start to be overwhelming. So here’s a bit of a clear out. Our adorable capi posted this shot with his dishtowel scarf outside the Bernabeu. However, the big news is that our beloved Iker’s biological clock has obviously hit Code Red.  Continue reading