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When Two Footballers Love Each Other Very Much….

14 Aug

The interwebz have been LOLing like crazy over Liverpool’s new signing Alberto Moreno who clearly must be Gerlonso’s love child. If he gets both his daddies’ playing skills, the Reds will be very happy indeed. Continue reading

Sernando Head ‘Splodeyness Part II

5 May

Remember last night? When my head exploded? Well, it did it againsukha4 over on Sernando found pictures of what the rings look like in closeup on Tumblr.

Am I the only one who thinks that they kinda resemble wedding rings?  (The rings are gorgeous, btw!)  Oh and as for the Elvish tattoos perhaps someone translated incorrectly and Nando’s really says “Sernando” instead of  “Fernando?” 😉 Ah, that would be bliss!