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First Training Of The Week & A Visit From The Eternal Captain

27 Aug

Satellite (11)If the rumors of Xabi leaving for Bayern Munich are true, I’m going to go into a mourning period beyond that of when Mesut took off for Arsenal and I was nearly inconsolable for a month. Xabi, listen, I’m fulfilling a life long dream of seeing Kate Bush live next week. DO. NOT. HARSH. MY. ETHEREAL. KATE. MELLOW. Continue reading

The Bernabeu Gets Its Interactive On…

15 Nov

My tech dork heart jumped in my chest when I saw Real Madrid’s plans for technology innovation at the stadium.  I cannot wait to see how they integrate it all and what apps they come up with. (Excuse my geek fangirling  but my Masters is in Learning Technologies so this is right up my alley.) Read onwards…
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