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Happy Birthday Lozil!

20 Nov

Let's get it started

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Happy Belated 3rd Birthday HB & HB!

23 Jan

Blog-3rd-birthdayI can’t believe it! I did it again! I forgot our birthday (on January 16) in the midst of work and illness. I need to write it in my calendar like I do with all the squad birthdays. You can read about our history here (and see a Pipita’s rump slideshow – bonus!) It’s been a challenging year both for the team and for us (in several ways) but I’m feeling confident for the future. I’m excited to see where this season goes and I’m so excited for the World Cup! Thank you to my bloggy other half Maisougio for her awesomeness and all of you for sticking with us. You make me smile every day.

– Lozil

Updated: Happy Birthday Lozil!

20 Nov


On second thought, I think this post needs a little warning/disclaimer. This whole site is NSFW but there’s extra NSFW content after the jump for Lozil’s day…

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Please Accept This as a Token of My Apologies

16 Mar


This week, everytime I would attempt to start putting the Celta recap together, something would come up. Projects, drama, sickness, a series of unfortunate events…ugh….but, lo siento, I apologize! With my apology, please accept this post of scrumptiosity. All Ozi, all nekkid (you wish) half nekkid, for all of you to enjoy.

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