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Welcome To The World, Sira Reina Ruiz!

15 Jan

The Reina Ruiz 5-a-side team is complete! Yolanda & Pepe’s newest daughter was born today and is already snuggling with older siblings Alma, Grecia, Luca and Thiago. Thanks to watishista hopechaser for the heads up!

At some point in the future, they’ll have to take on the Gonzalez Sanz kids in a match!

– Lozil

Sunday Bits & Bobs, Part II

7 Jul

96a8be40e5c511e293e422000aaa088d_7I’m back! I took a brief cupcake break and will have a proper dinner once I finish this. Here’s the rest of the Bits & Bobs, starting with Marcelo.

Marcelo is still in Brazil with Clarice, Enzo, Caio & Yasmin. They look like they’re having a good time seeing friends & family. Continue reading

4th of July Bits & Bobs

4 Jul

859ef434e4bc11e287c922000ae904e6_7Toby Holden West donned his 4th of July finery and what better way to start this holiday post? For all of my fellow Americans, I hope you had a great day. Me? I had a day of epic sloth to make up for how chaotic things have been lately. I turned down every invite I got and spent the day enjoying some much needed alone time reading & watching movies. IT. WAS. BLISS. Back to work tomorrow though. Continue reading

A Quick Bitsy Bobsy Post

13 Jun

tumblr_mo90qtbQEf1qa3jw0o1_500Oh people, what a day I had! I was an hour late for work due to some sort of subway police drama and my 20 minute one train commute turned into about 90 minutes and FOUR trains. UGH. Then I spent the morning on conference calls followed by an epic 5 hour straight meeting. To say my brain is fried doesn’t cover it. So I thought I’d post a few quick pictures of some of our faves. Who better to start with than Marcelo? Continue reading

Some Sunday Bits & Bobs

28 Apr

5d9ee0d2b04811e2a45222000a9e06f4_7Ah, Sunday. Hope everyone enjoyed their day. Mesut seemed to be enjoying his curled up on the couch with puppies Rocky & Balboa. Adorbs! Continue reading

A Belated Mazel Tov: Welcome To The World Thiago Reina Ruiz!

4 Apr

554503_447425135327616_1618249_nI totally missed this since it came at a really busy time at work, but thankfully, watishista Mandi clued me to it while we were watching the game this past weekend. Pepe Reina and Yolanda Ruiz welcomed their fourth child (and second son), Thiago, on March 23rd. Continue reading

Happy 2013!

1 Jan

644363_526839164012980_1156557019_nHope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! This is going to be a quick and dirty post as I have to race off to meet watishista P to watch Arsenal v. Southampton. My love of The Ox knows no bounds. Iker invites you into this post by tossing his grapes and no, that’s not a euphemism. Continue reading

Being Liverpool

13 Oct

Watishista Allison let us know about the Being Liverpool documentary, currently running on Fox Sports, and more importantly, that it featured half nekkie Pepe Reina! I don’t follow Liverpool, but I follow the nekkie, so this doc will be gaining another viewer tomorrow night! New episodes air on Sunday nights at 9pm, but if you’ve missed an episode or don’t get the channel, I’m posting links after the jump. This first little snippet is of Pepe Reina at home with his bebes. You’ll see that Grecia is a girl with spunk, Baby Luca will melt your everythang with his “mummma mummmma and Papa Pepe will melt your everythang with his everythang! More bebes please! Continue reading

UPDATED:La Roja’s Celebration Bebes!

2 Jul

Are y’all ready for this post? Lozil and I found lots & lots for you to enjoy…and we’re not responsible for whatever the photos do to your ovaries! 😉 Get ready for Nora & Leo Torres, Grecia, Alma, & Luca Reina, Jon & Ane Alonso, Enzo Cazorla, Alba Arbeloa, Daniela Ramos, Aitana Negredo,  baby Juanfran, and a whole lotta confetti!

Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Karim Goes Blonde, Xabi, Iker, Sergio, Kaka, Sernando, Irina, Lena, Marcelo, Bebes!, Wazza Up With That?

19 Jun

Don’t even ask me what on earth Karim is doing! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw these gifs on GF Sports. Someone mention it looks like he’s rocking Fabio Coentrao’s hair! LOL! Continue reading