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Last Week Rewind

12 May


Watishista M asked for us to keep posting the RealMadridLife videos, so here is this week’s edition. There are lots & lotsa goodies in this one, coverage from the Granada match, the Alma Nadal & Corazon Classic previews, and the clinics hosted by the team. Many of our boys are featured speaking English (Rafa Nadal has improved so much!)…oh yeeeeah, enjoy it!


Figo Stops By

10 May

Former Blanco Luis Figo stopped by training today to say “howdy” to the gang. Of course, he was wearing the time honored off duty ‘baller uniform of DSquared t-shirt and jean cutoffs. Sigh. Shame he wasn’t wearing these pants again. He probably figured that Sese would try to steal them from him. Continue reading

Pre-Malaga Stretchies/Sevilla Loves Weiners/Guti Tamed?

18 Mar

Our fine gentlemen left the Mirasierra Suites to do their traditional stretchies pre-match. Everyone looked a bit grumpy, but then again, I pretty much look the same when I’m first up and out. Continue reading

Final Training Before Malaga/Week In Review/Call Ups/Match Preview/Bits And Bobs

17 Mar

"Look! They let me near the ball!"

Poor Nuri! It’s about time we saw him in vague proximity to the ball. He got a call up for tomorrow and Mou had some nice things to say about him in today’s presser. More on that in a minute. But first, we have to look at the boys acting like hyperactive puppies at training. Continue reading