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The Daily Drool: Adrián Calello

24 Feb

adrian calelloOkay, let’s try this again. After finding multiple copies of a picture of Luis Ibáñez mislabeled as Adrián Calello, I had to correct Tuesday’s Drool. This time we’ve got the right guy though! It’s straight from a calendar! His name is on it!  Argentine Adrián joined Siena on January 31, 2013 from Dinamo Zagreb where he played with, you guessed it, Luis Ibáñez.

UPDATED: The Daily Drool: Luis Ibáñez

19 Feb

Adrián CalelloUPDATED: Thanks to eagle-eyed watishistas Matea and Miss_F who correctly identified the man in this shot as Luis Ibáñez instead of Adrián Callelo (as all the pictures had identified him). Thanks ladies! So Luis gets to be the Daily Drool instead. We’ll have Adrián another day. Argentine left back/winger Luis has played for Dinamo Zagreb since 2008.