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2013-14 UEFA Best Player in Europe Shortlist Announced

14 Aug

2132189_w2As a surprise to NO ONE, Cris has made the 3-player shortlist for the 2013/14 UEFA Best Player in Europe award. This is Cris’ fourth successive appearance on this list since the award was implemented for the 2010-11 season. James and Ángel made the top ten as well, finishing 7 and 9 in the voting respectively. Continue reading

UEFA Best Player in Europe Shortlist

22 Jul

Well done Cris, Ángel, and James! All three players have been short-listed for the 2014 UEFA Best Player in Europe award. Continue reading

Guess Someone Else Needs Sensitivity Training While We’re At It…

22 Dec

Former Liverpool player and Match of the Day pundit Alan Hansen, while discussing the Suarez-Terry racism controversy, said “I think there’s a lot of coloured players in all the major teams and there are lots of coloured players who are probably the best in the Premier League. If you look at 25 or 30 years ago it was probably in a bad way – not as bad as some of the other nations on the continent – but certainly there is always, always room for improvement.”  ::headdesk:: FOR FUCK’S SAKE! I’m just about ready to throw up my hands in despair. Continue reading

Updated: Luis Suarez Gets 8 Match Ban/Fine

20 Dec

The FA has finally ruled on the Suarez-Evra case and it has resulted in an 8 match ban and 40,000 pound fine. Suarez and Liverpool have 14 days to appeal the case, but it’s up in the air right now as to whether the club will take that action.  Full statement from the FA here. Liverpool’s statement here. A piece from the Guardian here.

I applaud the FA for taking the situation seriously – something we haven’t always seen other associations – or  FIFA – do in the past. However, one other thing comes to mind – Patrice Evra admitted in his statement that he also insulted Suarez with derogatory terms. I’m wondering if he will also be charged? What are your thoughts on this situation? Whatever they are, I think we can all agree that racism has no place in the game.

Re: Liverpool’s statement – did they really just take the “hey, he has black friends!” route? Holy crap.

UPDATED: The original link to the LFC statement disappeared so I’ve added a new link and just in case it goes bye bye again, I’ve put the text of the statement under the jump. It’s filled with so much wrong and WTF that it’s unbelieveable. Not sure who on their PR team thought that statement was a good idea. Continue reading