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In The Doghouse

3 Apr

Okay, now he’s just taking the piss.  Yesterday I was ranting about Poldi making a lady hat. And now he’s gone and put a lady hat on his lady dog. ::headdesk::

I give up.

– Lozil

What Is Wrong With This Picture, Part 2

2 Apr

Okay, I love me some Poldi, I really do but seriously? I can wear the regular AHA! hat, thanks very much. You don’t have to make me a special pink floral version just because I have a vagina. Honestly. I swear I won’t spontaneously combust or suddenly grow a penis if I wear the black & white one. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – DIE MANNSCHAFT WEEK – Lukas Podolski & Bastian Schweinsteiger

21 Dec

fd3f8d418f9edd3642d9c22e0b0f26e1_742We couldn’t have a Die Mannschaft Bromance Week without featuring Schweinski, now could we? Talk about epic! These two are such ridiculous boyfriends. They’ve practically been married for the last decade and I love it! Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Olivier Giroud & Lukas Podolski

7 Dec

giroud_podolskiThis is one good looking bromance going on at Arsenal! Thanks to the anonymous watishista who suggested it! Continue reading

Skydiving, Butt Cheek, and the Smiley Crew

18 Oct

Iker Casillas Attends the Opening of Sports BarI’ve got a bunch of random goodies for you, but let’s get the ugly out of the way first. Earlier this week, news broke that the Spanish Football Federation notified Real Madrid of a possible three-month ban for Castilla “official” head coach Santiago Sánchez Martín and “unofficial” head coach Zidane.

Continue reading

She Found Love In A German Place & The Schweinski Bromance Express Rolls On

15 Jul

article-2690877-1F9F4B2C00000578-42_634x420Rihanna was all over this World Cup. Say what you will, but the girl loves her sports. I’ve seen her several times at Brooklyn Nets games. (I was at the infamous playoff game where she was braless and her BFF Melissa Forde wore what I can only describe as Karim Benzema’s fantasy pajamas. Not sure how much of the game anyone saw that night). The first shots showed her with a Brazil flag painted on her throat (?!) and Pele’s name on her cheek. Continue reading

Updated: Die Mannschaft Prevail (With Bonus Schweinski)!

13 Jul

BsdOq3PIYAEh_FnI could not be more delighted with Germany’s win and that there was a whole lot of celebratory Schweinski made it that much better. Continue reading

World Cup 2014: Die Mannschaft Models The Latest In CR7-Style Shorts

2 Jul

BrjG2tECQAEVh26Poldi shared this shot of his “bros” after training doing their best Cristiano Ronaldo impression. As we well know, our dear CR7 never met a pair of shorts that he didn’t want to roll into hot pants. I guess Mesut must have picked up the habit from him and passed it on. Dorks. But no matter, thanks for the snap of those hamhocks Poldi! Much appreciated.

– Lozil

Think No One Is Reading Your Tweets? Think Again.

8 May

Watishista P sent this over to me yesterday and it gave me mad giggle fits. The best part is that the people who did the tweeting actually sheepishly apologized after the video was released. Hilarious.

– Lozil

adidas Gamedayplus | Making the UEFA Champions League Finale Ball

10 Feb

The adidas football channel had this interesting little bit on how the Champions League final ball was made. Thought I’d share it… Continue reading