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2 Days Till Valencia & Watching The Madrid Open

7 May

Satellite (7)Benzy joined the team today and everyone was present with the exception of Modric (recovery) and Sami (worked out indoors). Continue reading

UPDATED: Werk It, Grrrl!

9 May

Real Madrid's soccer player Bale cools off with a fan as he watches the match between Nadal of Spain and Berdych of the Czech Republic at the Madrid Open tennis tournamentG-Money is settling comfortably into the Euro-metrosexual vibe of Real Madrid, I see. He’s taking some fashion cues from Cristiano – the aviators, slicked back hair, crisp white shirt… But that fan? That’s straight up Brooklyn Sweaty Shanks Peña  action.  We are known for our fans, which we carry with us at all times during the summer months. I have pictures of us from World Cup 2010 and it’s just a table full of fans. Thanks for the shout out, Gareth. You’re welcome at our table any time.  Continue reading