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Happy Birthday Maisougio!

26 Jan

Sese sternly invites you into the birthday celebration.

Today is the birthday of my partner in crime Maisougio! Please join me in wishing her a wonderful day and join in the hijinks after the jump… Continue reading

Happy Belated 3rd Birthday HB & HB!

23 Jan

Blog-3rd-birthdayI can’t believe it! I did it again! I forgot our birthday (on January 16) in the midst of work and illness. I need to write it in my calendar like I do with all the squad birthdays. You can read about our history here (and see a Pipita’s rump slideshow – bonus!) It’s been a challenging year both for the team and for us (in several ways) but I’m feeling confident for the future. I’m excited to see where this season goes and I’m so excited for the World Cup! Thank you to my bloggy other half Maisougio for her awesomeness and all of you for sticking with us. You make me smile every day.

– Lozil

A Day Of Reflection

10 Sep

peace sign soccer ballAs always, Maisougio and I take September 11th off so there will be no posts tomorrow. Let’s send some wishes out to the universe for peace in these turbulent times.

– Lozil

Happy Birthday Maisougio!

26 Jan

“Baby, please accept this small token of our affection on your special day.”

Today is the birthday of my partner in crime and future SergioRamos baby mama, the fabulous Maisougio! Now, I’m not as creative as my girl M (who creates beautiful things for my birthday), but I gave it the old college try. Here you go, girl, a 2013 Calendar of the fashion stylings of Sergio Ramos! It’s in PDF form if anyone else cares to download it.

Hope you enjoy your day, Maisougio and many, many more!

xoxo, Lozil

Mesut Says Goodnight

16 Jan

mesut good n8Mesut, taking a page from Geeker’s book, posted this shot a few minutes ago with the caption: “Good N8” Sigh. So adorkable. (I’m also choosing to believe that his hand is making an L for Lozil and the other three fingers are an upside down for Maisougio. It’s my (birthday) party and I’ll rationalize if I want to!)  😉

– Lozil


Happy 2nd Birthday HB & HB!

16 Jan

age-2--pThanks to watishista NadeenAlk who remembered that today is our official second birthday! I had thought of it earlier in the month but with the office move and all the changes at home, I completely spaced!  Continue reading

Taking A Day To Remember

10 Sep

Maisougio and I decided to continue our tradition of taking 9/11 off. We’ll be back on Wednesday with lots of news. Until then, let’s take some time to reflect and send a little wish out to the universe for peace, equality and love to triumph.

Bits & Bobs: Fashion Horrors, Fighting, Fabrice Visits NY, Insane Ticket Prices, Pre-Season Schedule And More

8 Jul

Oh my god, Sergio. I know y0u were clubbing last night (in Malaga), but what on earth are you wearing and for that matter what the hell is he wearing? Just…NO. I’m glad Guti wasn’t there because if he had shown up, it would have turned into a supernova of oh hell no! In Sergio’s defense, his outfit is light years better than the other guy’s but honestly! Continue reading

All Of My Friends Were There

17 Jun

I posted a shot on Twitter the other day but I wanted to post it here as well. As many of you know, I graduated with my Masters degree (summa cum laude! 4.0! Watishista jellyace refers to it as “golazo cum laude” which I love.) on Friday.   Continue reading

Updated: Training/Presser/Shut Up Xavi

27 Jan

The boys prepared for tomorrow’s match with Zaragoza. Not much in the way of pictures though. Perhaps they will release more later. Continue reading