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It’s Official: Real Madrid Signs Marco Asensio

5 Dec

Marco-Asensio-centrocampista-d_54404195107_54115221152_960_640It’s been buzzed about for quite a while but now it’s official: Real Madrid has signed 18 year old winger Marco Asensio from Mallorca. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Europa League Group A – Villareal: Tomás Pina Isla

28 Oct

Tomás Pina Isla227 year old midfielder Tomás joined the Yellow Submarine in 2013. He previously played for Móstoles, Mallorca and Mallorca B.

A Fivesome of Goal Scorers

19 Mar

Gonzalo Higuain

I’m continuously let down by these men…..all those goal celebrations, week after week, season after season, and how they celebrate is by going for each others’ shoulders. Why not set your sights a bit lower, gentlemen? I mean, it’s Pipita you’re standing next to! While their goal celebrations may disappoint, their goal scoring abilities, Saturday night, did not! 1-2-3-4-5! That’s fiyah!

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The Daily Drool: Javier Arizmendi

5 Nov

Forward/winger Javier plays for Mallorca in La Liga. He has represented Spain at the U20, U21, U23 and senior levels.

Put Your Manitas Up!

30 Oct

I love that even if the opening pic was cropped at the boys’ waists, we’d still be able to identify Pipa! I figure, with a match so great & a scoreline so awesome, why not start out with luscious booty action? Finally, we’re getting a glimpse of the La Liga CAMPEONES we know & love. Time to continue dominating, put the fear of Madridismo in our opponents, and keep climbing that La Liga table! Who’s with me??? Ok, let’s look at pics.

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Can I get a WOOT WOOT?

29 Oct

I’d say it’s about time that we get to enjoy a goal-fest of a match, like we did yesterday! An early goal, a late goal. A brace for Pipa, a brace for Cristiano. Peeps, we had it, we did it, we came away with three more freakin’ points. YAY-YUH! The match recap is still in the works, so in the meantime here are the words of Mou Mou & his boys. Continue reading

Arrival In Mallorca, Signing & Mou Presser

27 Oct

The team arrived in Mallorca tonight and were greeted by close to 1,000 fans who chanted their names. Nice! The boys took the time to sign some autographs and pose for pictures. Continue reading

Real Madrid-Mallorca Match Preview

27 Oct

UPDATED: See Ya Later, La Liga

14 May

Our last match of the season and it was a goodie. Mallorca may have thought we’d give ’em a break since we’d already won the league, but did we? Nah! We had to get those three points to be record breakers y’all, and the boys did it fabulously. I’m not even upset that Cris won’t get the Pichichi trophy this year, because he was ON with his header and he was ON for the whole match trying to get more goals…you know what? Scratch that. He was ON all season. ON FIYAH! Ozi was workin’ it too, the BAMF went and scored himself a brace. These guys are too fabulous. I. Just. Can’t. Take. It. We’ve got a team full of superstars, whom we love & want to Watish adore, and then they go off for the summer, don’t bring us anything back, never call, seldom write, *sigh*.  How ever will we deal? Continue reading

How Are They Supposed To Concentrate With All The Screaming?

13 May

Our fine gentlemen were shipped off to concentracion this afternoon to prepare for the final Liga match against Mallorca. Grumpiness, manpris and screaming after the jump… Continue reading