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Ready To Greet Dortmund At The Bernabeu

6 Dec

match-headerTomorrow we face Borussia Dortmund at home in the Champions League. We need to win in order to progress as Group F winners. No pressure or anything… Continue reading

Dani Gets His Model On

9 Jan

B6lHXkFCIAAjmz4Our little boy is growing up! Dani got himself a modeling spot (along with Barca’s Marc Bartra) for Jack Jones Spain. Here’s a sneak peek at the campaign. Continue reading

All Up In Anfield & Some Bonus Sergio

22 Oct

Satellite (1)Argh! The moment of truth is almost upon us. I am so nervous for this game that it’s ridiculous. The mothership went a bit Liverpool bonkers posting lots of pictures and behind the scenes videos for the match (but oddly, no match preview). Continue reading

Mazel Tov: Spanish Women’s National Team Qualifies For World Cup For First Time!

14 Sep

BxaVc8aIYAAgrEqCongrats to the Spanish Women’s National Team who qualified for their first ever World Cup with a win over Romania yesterday. In the run up to that match, some of their buddies from La Roja (Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Koke, Raúl García, Marc Bartra, Cesar Azpilicueta, Cesc Fabregas and Santi Cazorla) made a video to show their support. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Anaitz Arbilla

12 May

Anaitz Arbilla 2Watishista Shan suggested handsome Rayo Vallecano defender Anaitz as a Drool. As you can see, she has excellent taste! Poor Anaitz has the unfortunate distinction of being the player that Gareth Bale made cry when he started hitting his form. Poor woobins!  We here at HB & HB officially offer to dry any and all tears that our team may cause you now and in the future, Anaitz. And don’t feel bad, hon, you’re not the only one G-Money has made cry this season with his wily ways and turbo speed. Just ask Marc Bartra, Sergio Busquets and Pinto.

Anti-Sex Beard Tendencies, Training, Saluting Puyol, y Mas

4 Mar


Can everyone step AWAY from the big razor, please?? They’ve already got poor Albiol and Cesc! From bearded glory to teenage “price check on aisle 5” grocery boys. *cries* La Roja needs more sponsors that are Team Preserve The Sex Beard! You gotta love VdB’s “Go for my stache & I’ll cut a bitch” look though.

Continue reading

A Whole Lotta La Roja Comin’ At Ya!

18 Nov


I would normally put this shot at the end of the post, with the rest of the social media goodies, but seriously…Pepe’s in his underwear. That’s an opening shot, not a closer! I don’t know why it took this pic for me to realize it, but Pepe is totally the type of guy who’s pants are off within seconds of getting in the door. Pepe, we love you for that & thank you for sharing. Continue reading

Safety in Uniforms

14 Nov


That’s right, you won’t find any fashion horrors in this La Roja post. Everyone has safely transitioned into NT life and it’s track suits all day, everyday. Not to worry though, there’s still a whole lotta of cute and sexayy to go around even if the boys are uniformed up. Thankfully, the weather is still warm enough for shorts! Hello muscley Spanish legs.

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Mazel Tov, La Rojita!

16 Jun

BM0hXpoCQAExqt7Congrats to La Rojita for making the finals of the Euro U-21. Watishisto PLL kindly sent me this picture of his Barca bebe Marc Bartra with my Madrid bebe, Morata, He especially cited the hand on knee (I said our babies learn that one from handsy Tio Sergio) and the “silly obstructing towel.” I must agree on the latter. STUPID TOWEL!

I’m holed up at the pub with watishistas forzasusan and Shigs as we prepare to cheer on both Italy and Spain. So excited for a footy Sunday!

– Lozil

The Daily Drool: Marc Bartra

2 May


A center back with pretty, pretty eyes Marc plays for Barca and Barca B. He has played for Catalonia and represented Spain at the U18, U19, U20 & U21 levels.