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The Daily Drool – Europa League Group K – Fiorentina: Marcos Alonso Mendoza

6 Jan

Marcos Alonso MendozaFiorentina left back Marco is actually a 3rd generation Blanco! His grandfather Marcos Alonso Imaz (better known as Marquitos) was a Real Madrid player during the golden era along with Don Alfredo and Ferenc Puskas. His father Marcos Alonso Pena came up through our cantera and played professionally for Racing Santander, Atleti, Barcelona and Logroñés. This Marcos came up through the cantera, made it on to Castilla and even played once for the first team in 2010. He has represented Spain at the U19 level.

Stretchin’ in Pamplona

31 Mar

The weekend hungover photographer apparently went along for the trip as the weird angles are in play again. The team stretched in the garden of their hotel. I love Google Translate because this is how they phrased it: “Real Madrid took place in the gardens at the rear of the Hotel Muga Beloso session of face lifts.” Ah! Now it all makes sense – that’s how they keep looking so good! Continue reading

Arrival In Sevilla/Marcelo & Pepe Meet The Fans/Today We Train With…Iker/Alma Gala

9 Mar

Our fine gentlemen arrived in Sevilla tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s game against Real Betis. I can’t believe they flew. Why didn’t they just take the AVE? It’s like 2  1/2 hours by high speed train right? The flight can’t be more than an hour but I guess when you’re Real Madrid, you don’t have to deal with all the crap like security lines, etc. I’m guessing they probably get to skip that because everyone of them would get pulled aside for a pat down. Because seriously, if I were a TSA agent and they came through my airport, I’d be conducting as many first team strip searches as humanly possible. Continue reading

Rest In Peace: Marcos Alonso Imaz (Marquitos)

6 Mar

Sad news on Real’s 110th anniversary… Defender Marquitos who made 154 appearances for Los Blancos from 1954-1962 has passed away in Santander at the age of 78. Continue reading