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He’s Gone, Oh I, Oh I, I Better Learn How To Face It And More

22 Jul

d1964710f2b411e2965422000a9f18cc_7The Double As, as they were meant to be. Ah, it fills me with such sadness! Alvaro posted this with the caption (excuse the approximate translation: “Do not strive to make your presence noticed but your absence felt. Yours is going to be felt a lot. I wish all the best to the 5! See you soon, brother!” and then he added ” In bocca al lupo!!” which is Italian for ‘best of luck‘ WAH! Continue reading

RIP Baby Toni

1 Jun

Some very sad news today for former Italy striker, Luca Toni & his girlfriend Marta Cecchetto, their son was stillborn. Toni issued a statement saying, “What should have been the best day of our lives has become the worst. Our child has left us before seeing the light of day. We ask everyone for understanding and silence during this great pain, which should be only mine and Marta’s.” This was their first child & it’s absolutely heartbreaking, our hearts go out to them & their families. 😥