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Training & Valentines

14 Feb
Someone's gonna get sued by Bale.

Someone’s gonna get sued by Bale.

I’m so pissed! I thought the match was tomorrow so I scheduled something for Sunday morning that I now can’t get out of. DAMN IT! I’m going to miss the first half. Sigh. So anyhow the team trained again today for the dang match on Sunday. ::pouts:: Continue reading

Calleti & Marta Decide On A Baby Name

7 Jan

bb0e938c731d11e387590ee8ab47d75b_8Meant to post this other day, but other bebes were occupying my mind. Now that San Baby is safely in the world, we can look to other woobinses. We knew Marta & Calleti were having a girl, but it seems that they’ve chosen the name India for her. Continue reading

Ringing In The New Year: Baller Style

31 Dec

Bc2I6RrIEAA4qIWHow did some of our faves ring in the New Year? Well, Marcelo started by posting this, but had to share quite a few more pictures. Continue reading

More Christmas Vids

26 Dec

With glacial pace, the paired Christmas videos are coming out. Better not have to wait until Three Kings Day for that bloopers video!
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Training, CL Draw & More

16 Dec
Real Madrid: Adept at keeping their balls in the air.

Real Madrid: Adept at keeping their balls in the air.

The team trained today in preparation for Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey match vs. Olímpic de Xàtiva. Continue reading

Baby Boom Gender Mysteries Solved?

3 Dec

baby callejon

Well, at least one baby boomer’s gender has been revealed and its Bebe Callejon! That’s an arm on the right, so you’re wrong if you guessed “boy.” 😉 It’s a GIRL! Marta says they tried to get a picture of her princess’s face, but she struck the thoughtful pose & turned away. With another girl on the way, it looks like Callejon is really going to be outnumbered at home now! Continue reading

Baby Bumpin’ Marta

30 Nov


Adorable Mama Marta shared this pic of her growing bebe & belly today. How cute is she?? In her caption, she said she thought she ate too much! After all the Thanksgiving leftovers I’ve had, I know I’m sporting a food baby…definitely not cute like real baby bumps. After the jump, check out a pic that may or may not help you guess the gender of Baby Callejon.

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