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The Daily Drool: Martin Palermo

6 Aug

Although he officially retired in June, we’ve gotta give it up for Martin Palermo. He loves to yell and take off his shirt. Every picture seems to have him doing these two things.  And his nickname is Loco. You gotta love that. The Argentine center forward played for Estudiantes (1992-1997) and Boca Juniors (1997-2000) before taking off for Spain. He spent from 2001-2004 there playing for Villareal, Betis and Alaves. He returned to Boca Juniors for the rest of his career (2004-2011).  In his pro career he played 506 matches and score 276 goals. He made 15 appearances for the Argentine National Team between 1999-2010 scoring 9 goals.