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Another Loss, Another Visitor, Another Training & Another Group Of Fans Behaving Like Complete Arseholes

30 Jul

Satellite (5)So much going on, most of it annoying. Let’s start with something positive though. Cristiano trained alone at the Cotton Bowl yesterday. It’s always good to see him on the pitch. Hoping he’ll be back to 100% soon. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Martin Skrtel

2 Apr

MARTIN SKRTEL BY DANIEL SMITHDrool Amnesty continues! At the rate you’re all going with suggestions, we might have a month worth of them. Feel free to leave some in the linked post. mygypsyspirit’s guilty pleasure is the tatted up intense Martin Skrtel. Now, several of the Liverpool fans among you would do him with no reservations but our girl is a Manchester United fan and he’s so not her normal type, so you can see the issue here. But that’s why we invented Drool Amnesty. No judgment, no shame – only love (and you know, a fair bit of lust…)

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Daniel Agger/Martin Skrtel

5 Dec

Liverpool’s tattooed love boys have been a strong, long term bromance. The Dane and the Slovak are a feared defense duo in the EPL, but there’s nothing but love between them.  Continue reading

UPDATED: So Much Freaking News Today

17 May

Have some hot Pipita to get you through the news round up…

Lots of bits and bobs today – not all of it earth shattering, but c’mon in…

Continue reading