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He’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

1 Nov

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What true genius looks like @m10_official

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Dang, dang, DANG Mesut! This is so pretty. Reminds me of why I fell in love with his playing to begin with. Deliciously elegant.

– Lozil

Clash of the Titans: A predictable match ends in a most unpredictable way

3 Jul

1A tied match in regulation time would not necessarily surprise anyone who has watched German- Italian match ups. However, the penalty kicks in this match were a big surprise – and not a pleasant one! Continue reading

Training, Birthday Boy, 5 Star Performances & King Muppet Baby On The Move?

5 Feb

Satellite (9)The team continued training in prep for Sunday’s match vs. Granada along with Castilla striker Mariano. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – All Stars: Crozil (Cristiano Ronaldo & Mesut Ozil)

29 Dec

14-01-2011-01-01-01-921MDF41855Ah, the epic bromance that started this blog! (Remember this post?) I thought it would be a good time to revisit Crozil. Listen up Cris fanboys (I’m looking at you G-Money, James & Jese), this is how it’s done. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Mesut Ozil & Mathieu Flamini

11 Dec

Mesut-Ozil-Mathieu-FlaminiWhat can you say about a bromance so intense that their own teammates vote them Best Bromance? Amen, that’s what. Meanwhile in Madrid, Naples & Turin, Cris, Sergio, Karim, Pipa & Sami are tearing up their photos and sniffling “I thought we had something real.” Cheer up, boys. There’s enough Mesut to go around but good luck getting past Mathieu. Continue reading

Cristiano Tells Media To Back Off, Gets Animated

5 Jun

crisIn a rather unprecedented move, Cris made a video thanking fans for their support and chastising the media for talking trash about him and spreading rumors about him having new girlfriends. He usually lets this stuff roll off his back, which is why the video is rather surprising. Continue reading

Erm, Arsenal? Please Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs

31 May

Mazel tov to Arsenal for winning the FA Cup again, but oh lordy, this sets the Cringe-O-Meter to overload. That said, Per, Ramsey & Koscielny certainly are game. Bless. (It’s still not as bad as that wretched NYC FC song) Oh and Mesut? One thing I need to say to you… Continue reading

Sunday & Monday Catch Up

11 May

Satellite (5)Howdy all! Sorry I deserted you yesterday. I was off on a road trip to see the New York Cosmos with watishistas Shigs, mygypsyspirit, DK, SK and watisisto AS. We had a fun journey spent giggling over Mesut’s fashion drama (Me to MGS last night: “He looks like an Amish rent boy.”) and some impromptu awesome tailgating. Continue reading

No Excuse For This Nonsense

10 May

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So this happened. And if you think Mesut looks ridiculous in this shot, please do click through because it gets worse. Continue reading

Laughter In The Rain, A Model, A Birthday & Checking In With Some Past Players

18 Mar

Satellite (7)Cristiano appears to not be letting the rain and the criticism get to him. Stay strong, Commander! We need your magic on Sunday for El Clasico. Continue reading