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Di Maria’s House Attacked

3 Feb

dimaria5001Super scary times for Angel, Jorgelina & little Mia. They were at home having dinner on Saturday after Manchester United’s match vs. Leicester City when thieves tried to force their way into the house by smashing the patio doors in with scaffolding poles. Luckily, an alarm went off and the thieves fled empty handed. United’s security staff took the family to a hotel while the police are investigating and they’ve assigned them a guard detail. As you can imagine, they’re quite shaken up but thankfully everyone is safe.

– Lozil

Copa Del Bebe, Part 3 & A Very Joyous First Birthday

22 Apr

a3A very happy birthday to Mia Di Maria who came into this world several months early one year ago today. As many of you may remember, she was super premature and there was complications with the birth. It was a very scary time for Angel & Jorgelina. Continue reading


1 Mar

566b5a48a0e811e38c0212593dc6f86c_8I know it’s been ages since we had a Bits & Bobs post, but I thought you’d like to see some of Real Madrid’s bebes sharing the love.  Tiny Mia Di Maria got smoochies from her pals Enzo Vieira and Zoe Lopez.  Proud mami Jorgelina shared the pictures. So sweet! They should just build a nursery in the first team residence since we have so many babies and more on the way!

– Lozil

Training & Valentines

14 Feb
Someone's gonna get sued by Bale.

Someone’s gonna get sued by Bale.

I’m so pissed! I thought the match was tomorrow so I scheduled something for Sunday morning that I now can’t get out of. DAMN IT! I’m going to miss the first half. Sigh. So anyhow the team trained again today for the dang match on Sunday. ::pouts:: Continue reading

A Xabi Break, Aliens, Hello Santi Claus! & More

18 Dec

BbwgJRkIAAAAYbiIt’s nice to finally be home from work! Since I kinda blew it earlier and tomorrow’s Drool published inadvertently (since deleted), I’d like to make it up to you by giving you a little Xabi break. Just sit there and contemplate his perfection for a bit before heading into the rest of the post. (Photo via SocialRMadrid) Continue reading

Saturday Bits & Bobs: Missing Marcelo, Happy Families & PDA

29 Jun

tumblr_mp6gtojqdQ1qftb6ko1_1280I’ve been missing Marcelo a lot lately. It’s going to suck to see our boys divided on the pitch tomorrow but such is the nature of national team duty. Continue reading

Monday Bits & Bobs: Bebes, Daddies, Vacation Time

17 Jun

4ab2f40ed75d11e2a58e22000aa801d9_7Yesterday was Father’s Day and many of our faves posted tributes. Carlota posted this great shot of little Raul with his binky that says his papa is the best. Continue reading

Getting Ready…

24 Apr

Llegada_al_hotel_de_ýngel_Di_Marýa (2)As we’re awaiting the start of the match, I thought I’d put up a wee bits & bobs post. The good news is that Angel arrived in Dortmund today and will be able to play. That is VERY good news, because it must mean that Jorgelina and the baby are fine. Thank god. I’m sure he wouldn’t leave if there was a major issue. Still sending good thoughts their way. Continue reading

UPDATED: Mazel Tov: Angel & Jorgelina’s Baby Girl Has Arrived!

23 Apr

baby booties1
(Adorable booties by prettylittle on Etsy)

Angel & Jorgelina’s daughter (rumored to be named Mia) arrived today. The mister let the news out at the presser. Angel is supposed to be in the starting line up, but there is a chance he may not play according to Mou. Jorgelina said she was about 5 months along in mid-February, so I hope that everything is okay.  Sending good thoughts their way. Congratulations to the new little family.

UPDATED: I was right – the baby was pre-mature and there are complications according to this article. My thoughts and prayers are with Angel, Jorgelina and their baby. I sincerely hope everything will be okay.

– Lozil